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Godwriting about meeting Santhan here in Italy - Godwriting workshop in Turin

Godwriting from 27.9.2009

Berit to God:

Dear God,

I have looked into Your eyes, I saw You, Oceans of Love. Time stood still, the world ceased to exist, seconds became eternity and Oceans of Love were shared, worlds and lifetimes were shared, everything was so clear and amazing. I saw You and I saw myself.
Thanks for this miracle dear Father.
Love You.

God to Berit:

My dear Angel, yes we looked into our eyes and you saw Oneness and eternity, you saw a smallest fraction of what My eyes see, you saw Truth and it was of overwhelming beauty. I made you glimpse through My eyes so that you may now hold this vision forever. See the world through My eyes, look at people and all of creation seeing Me, see Me in all and everything and you will see My perfection and unconditional Love and eternal Truth.
Glad you saw Me !

Your Loving Father