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Graduate Godwriters

Dear Graduates of Godwriting™ workshops,

There is something about God that He wants to be shared.

You all blossomed so it is apt to call what you hear from God Heaven Petals.

It was at an early workshop, before Godwriting workshops were called Come Play with Me! that Bev Allen cognized the name Heaven Petals for the official writing from God from those who have completed a Godwriting workshop or more. Or maybe God gave her the name, I don't quite remember.

It's probably good for you to include the workshop dates and where your workshop was located, and also where you are from. You could be from Fairfield, Iowa, or lots of places in the U.S. or from England, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Romania, Iran, Germany, Austria....

This category is also be a good place to express yourself as well and tell about what the Come Play with Me Godwriting workshop meant to you and what your ongoing Heaven Petal writing means to you.

Heavenreaders, the posting of Heaven Petals is intended to serve God and you. We learn from Heaven Petals that God is everywhere and within each one of us. This page is not a contest or competition in any way. It is simply the Heaven Petal writers sharing with you what they hear from God. Sometimes the simplest words are the most powerful. By all means, give Heaven Petals the respect you give to Heavenletters™ and post your responses.

Thank you, Heaven Admin, for making this new category for us. I know that with the upcoming web site upgrade, you have more plans for building a self-sustainable community of Heavenreaders and Heaven Petal writers from all around the world.

God bless us all.

Come Play with me.....

Dear Gloria,

Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. I enjoyed playing the singing bowls and then my Godwriting was such a great reminder that I'm on the right track. I'm so glad you do what you do. It helps everyone come into their own alignment and self-sufficiency. The feeling amongst the writers was very deep. And the snacks were yummy. Much Love, Barbara

Ah, Barbara Dianita, we sure

Ah, Barbara Dianita, we sure enjoyed having YOU and your singing bowls!

Godwriting from Second Session of "Come Play With Me" Workshop

CHAMAIGNE TO GOD: I try to do less and less so that I don't over-do it and get exhausted. Even things that feed my soul can become too much. How can I have healthy boundaries without stopping "the flow"?

GOD TO CHAMAIGNE: Flow on the subtler levels. Being "stopped up" isn't the same as being "stopped", which is a good thing. Silence is not stagnation. Allow in the experiences, but be careful with commitments. Be careful taking on the world's tasks. The world will get along. The world would rather have the contribution of your smile than your help with material accomplishments. When it is a choice between the two, choose the smile.

CHAMAIGNE TO GOD: It seems like I have to say no to things as fast as I can to keep up and protect my space for doing my job and self-care. It doesn't seem healthy, or at least it doesn't make for good poetry, to say "no, no, no" all the time.

GOD TO CHAMAIGNE: Then say yes! Say yes to Me, to Yourself, to silence, to balance, to healing, to integrity. The practice of radical integrity (doing what you say you'll do) is a beautiful practice, and it does mean being careful about what you'll say you do. Change the way you word your "no"s and they will feel better.

CHAMAIGNE TO GOD: Stuff to do is like stuff to own. So much stuff! Beautiful, worthwhile stuff. But when you own it, it starts to own you. I also have to say no to accumulating stuff -- even free stuff -- as fast as I can to protect something that's worth having: simplicity. Economy. Efficiency. The freedom to move about unencumbered. Flexibility

GOD TO CHAMAIGNE: Yes. And on the other hand, you deserve comfort. It's OK to take up space. It's OK to require things. It's OK to have needs. You don't have to make yourself easy to take care of, to be taken care of. Your needs are easy for me. It's my delight to bring you stuff, no stuff, opportunities, fewer opportunities, answers, fewer answers. I am your faucet. Hear me roar. Or not! You choose just the right temperature and volume. Trust that is is available. Don't live simply because you believe in scarcity.

CHAMAIGNE TO GOD: I don't know. Isn't that a bunch of new-age mumbo jumbo? Magical thinking in response to hard times and hopelessness? I used to believe it, but having been so ill for so long, life doesn't show up to me like my thoughts are a magic wand. There IS scarcity, and terrible suffering in this world.

GOD TO CHAMAIGNE: Your simple compassion is beautiful. I need you in the world to be my compassion.

CHAMAIGNE TO GOD: But? Is there a but?

GOD TO CHAMAIGNE: There is a season for everything and a purpose for every person under Heaven. The lesson for you now is that it's OK to need things. You don't need to understand the mechanics and reasons behind apparent suffering and scarcity in the world to understand that your needs are not causing scarcity for anyone else, nor is there scarcity preventing you from getting your needs met. Once again -- YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE YOURSELF EASY TO TAKE CARE OF BY NOT WANTING MUCH. The beauty of your being makes the things you consume raw materials with a value-added outcome. What you receive, you transform into the beauty that is your life. You spin straw into Gold. Don't apologize for needing and wanting the straw, for Heaven's sake! My Golden Girl...

Very beautiful and most

Very beautiful and most practically useful! Thank you, Chamaigne.

Godwriting from Second Session of "Come Play With Me" Workshop

Ginger to God:

Dearest God,
How I love the dancing that Deidre Lentz led with. It was so wonderful dancing all together to that lovely song. I feel so alive & joyful celebrating life when dancing. Thank You for so many life giving experiences with this Godwriting Workshop. Many blessings are happening all at once ~ being with this lovely group of people, opening my heart & soul to You & Your messages, dancing, singing, rejoicing. It feels like a new stream of good has begun. I wish for it to continue, to remain in the flow of joy & ecstasy.

God said: Dearest Ginger, sweetie pie, you are in the stream of My love. Yes, life is meant to be celebrated. Dancing is a magnificent expression, moving your body, letting your heart hear the rhythms and swaying with them. Love is expanding as you write to Me, your heart attuning with Mine. As you open yourself to Me I can be with you more easily. I am always here for you, but when you write, it allows for a more conscious connection. As you make this special time to meet, I will always be present for you. You may come to Me for any rhyme or reason. Rest any worries at My door. There is no need to carry any burdens anymore. You have found this way now to enjoy a lighter way, to be free.

Dearest God:
I wish to hear Your words more easily. Your messages seem to flow for awhile. I would like to hear Your great wisdom more steadily. Can You please show me how?

God said:

Dearest Ginger: Something good is happening, just continue and in time you will see. You will begin to trust the whole process and messages will flow as quickly as you can possibly write them. I am very much right by your side, every step of the way. As you develop this keen sense of listening, your writing will flourish. Trust, listen, write, no fear, no worries, just peace and a flow of blessings. I wish to shower you with My love & blessings.

Loving you, God

Pax Vobiscum!

I'm glad you are happy

Godwriting Continuing Ed in Iowa

Welcome fellow Godwriters to our next local Godwriting Continuing Ed Session here in Iowa.
Enjoy an inspiring opportunity to gather with Gloria & friends to Godwrite in a supportive environment of Godwriters.

Godwriting Continuing Ed

For all graduate Godwriters

Sat June 12 2-4:30 p.m.

Gloria's Home
Fairfield, Iowa

Cost: Free
Value: Priceless

For more info please contact:
Ginger Nelson
ginger108 [at] lisco [dot] com

Most dear Ginger, thank you

Most dear Ginger, thank you so much for spearheading this bonus Godwriting Continuing Ed workshop. I so look forward to them. You are doing a beautiful job. And it is so nice seeing you post on this forum! A thousand blessings!

Godwriting Continuing Ed in Iowa

Dear Gloria, It's so kind of you to offer Godwriting Continuing Ed ....and as a bonus. That's more than enough. It's good for you to have support with it and it's my great joy to help. Blessings to you!

Heaven News

Dear Gloria, Heaven News has been a favorite for years! Thank you for taking the time to share with us all in Heaven News, keeping everyone in this wonderful world wide Heavenletters Community well connected and updated.

I've been looking for Heaven News in the last month or so as it's been a while and we've been missing it. Hoping one will be on the way soon ~ it's always been a special treat!

Thank you Gloria for all the many ways you have enriched our lives by bringing God's words to our hearts and world through Heavenletters.

Happy Mother's Day blessings to you, the Mother of Heavenletters! With love and appreciation, Ginger

Ginger Angel, I don't know

Ginger Angel, I don't know what to say. Is it Spring Fever that keeps me from finishing Heaven News? I keep getting waylaid by something else. Every day I say: I'm going to finish Heaven News, and every day I don't finish it. Hopefully, you are motivating me to make it happen.

I do keep track of everything as I go along. I suppose it's the details that slow me down.

Thank you for everything you are doing and for BEING, Ginger.

Love, Gloria