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Godwriting 07.05.2017

Berit to God:

Dear God,
reading Neils letter to you and your words of love just flooded my heart with so much love that tears just come. every word seems to touch my soul so deeply. I think you have lifted a weight that I was not aware of heaving, like undercurrents of thoughts that kept spinning around. so this morning I am not in a hurry, I just sit with you and the duties awaiting me don't nag.
I am really overwhelmed by your love.

Loving you always.

God to Berit:

My Dear Child, my Gem, my Darling, how I love you.

I am so happy that "I got you" with my reply to Neil. Not a single thought or emotion that runs through you is not felt also by me.
relax in my love now. don't run. when you have me it doesn't matter what you do. I know your heart for I made you this way. I know your efforts, no one else needs to know. I love you. Be gentle with yourself, listen to your heart, be joyious.
you have me for good. no special ritual or performance or anything is needed, you have me for good. you have my blessings, you have my guidance. never can we be apart. when I am in your heart all else fades away, not because you sit idle, but because our love is supreme.
Our love is the basic from which all springs forth. I am flooding you with my love now and for all lives to come.
you are my child, I am your priority as you are mine. we are. step lightly. When you are happy I am too. When your heart dances in exctasy mine does too.
I am who you are and so much more. come closer still......

Your Loving God.