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Godwriting 12.5.2017 Claim your Mastery

God to Berit:

My beloved Child, my Love, my Bliss, today my message to you is : Claim you Mastery
You are a Master, in so many ways, of course first of all because you are Me, and you are Mine also. You are My beloved Self. I express through you, so what you think say and do is what you decree to be your Truth. Ah yes, I know I am really stirring you. that's ok, it is a reminder.
Maybe it should repeat it again : what you think say and do is what you decree to be your Truth. Do you have thoughts that are not your Truth, thoughts that do not reflect the amazing Love and softness and compassion that your soul is ? Do you do things that do not express or do not lead you where you want to go ? do you say things that do not express the beautiful heart I gave you ?

Let these words sink in and just sit with them. dont answer from the level of the mind, let your heart bring to surface the answers. Whatever is out of alignement look at it with compation and gentleness and kiss it goodby.

Claim your Mastery, be humble for you know you are Me. What you claim as your Truth comes to pass, you bring it into the physical level. Claim your Mastery and stop bein afraid of shining My Light, stop hiding because you fear being misunderstood or judged. Step forward knowing that I have a plan for you, it is time to let it bloom. The Truth, My Truth and Love let it be flocked on all every moment. Let My Love gently rain on all. I am guiding you, nothing else you need. Let's just do it.

Your Loving God.