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NEW Heaven News April 2013 Love Has Landed

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http://godwriting.org/new_heaven_news_april_2013_love_has_landed.html - Click to read Heaven News for April.

God said:

“Love has landed on Earth the way men landed on the Moon.”

Heavenletter #4341 And the Moon Is Made of Cheese

Thank you, 10,000 Heavensubscribers around the World!

The New Heaven News September 6, The World Is Opening Its Heart Wide

Opening God Quote

"In God's Presence, what can you do but love?"
Heavenletter #3525 One Wonderful Love

New Subscribers from 38 Nations since last issue of Heaven News

Update to our Family of Heavenletter Readers

Dear Family of Heavenletter Readers,

What better way to start an update than with a quote from a Heavenletter! Here's what the Cosmic Generator randomised for us.

We are realigning your perception now. We are realigning it to Mine.
Let go of past preoccupation.
Occupy yourself with Me.
Align with God - Heavenletter #41

Why has the daily Heavenletter™ stopped?

New Heaven News - Tribute to Heavenreaders, February 6, 2013

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The Faces of 10,000 Heavensubscribers around the Globe


News Flash!

Seeking home videos of you.

New Administrative Heaven Team Is Bursting Out All Over!

A Tale of a Heavensubscriber!

New Heaven News January 1, 2013 Heaven Heroes and Happy New Year!


Beloved Heavenreaders, this is the year we have been waiting for! May our hearts soar with love and all our dreams of Oneness come true. Blessings and thanks to you for loving Heavenletters™ and sharing the Light of God with us all. Happy New Year! Ring in the new, and off with the old! May 2013 find you in just the right place at just the right time with a wonderful sense of rightness and contentment. Love, Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team.

New Heaven News December 17, 2012 - What a Wonderful World

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Message to the Entire Heaven Community:

Heaven News

Heavenletters™, #4380 And Your Heart Can Sing

Heaven News

A Personal Story -- An Encounter through Heavenletters™

The NEW Heaven News October 17, 2012 - Coming Closer to God

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New Heaven News September 19, 2012

Dear Heavenreaders,

Heaven News

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New Heaven News August 13, 2012 The Glory of Service

Opening God Quotation

God said:

Love will circle itself, and yet no circle will be marked. No edges, no borders, no boundaries, only the boundlessness of love, the essence of love, love original, love without trappings, love and nothing else but love, nothing to contrast it to, nothing to make of it, nothing to interpret or to draw a picture of, just love, pure love in a state of Being that can only be called love, and yet will have no name, for with Oneness, there is no need of discernment.

New Heaven News June 29, 2012 Freedom and Service

Opening God Quotation:

God Said:

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