New Heaven News June 29, 2012 Freedom and Service

Opening God Quotation:

God Said:

The grace of God is everywhere. Each person is blessed, and each person is a blessing. Whatever appearances may be to the contrary, whatever crimes, whatever sufferings, whatever frivolousness, there is a depth of divinity in each Human Being on Earth ample to set the world aflame with the light of love. Tapped or untapped, the light is radiant, and each soul on Earth finds his way to his inborn radiance in his own way and own time. No one can assume that he knows another’s way to the full light. No one can drag another, nor push, nor carry. All is between each divine heart and Me. The free will I have given to you, you must give as well. Do not be so sure you know how something in the world should be played out. Shed your light, and be confident that others will too.

Heavenletter #2210 Room at the Inn

Dear Heavenreaders,

Please excuse the long delay in this New Heaven News. If you read the Godwriting™ blog, you know I have been back and forth between two continents. I'm now in South Africa on a sabbatical visa for one year (which can turn into three) to write books. Heaven Admin and his loving family have welcomed me with open arms. I live and work right next to the beautiful Indian Ocean, and am lulled by the sound of the surf all the time. I am so grateful for God, Heavenletters™, Earth, the ocean -- and you!

With love and blessings,


New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

34 Countries new Heavensubsribers came from since last Heaven News!

Argentina - Australia - Belgium - Brazil - Burkina Faso - Canada - Chile - China - Colombia - El Salvador - Sri-lanka - Finland - France - Germany - Hong Kong - India - Ireland - Italy - Japan - Netherlands - Netherlands Antilles - New Guinea - New Zealand - Norway - Martinique - Mexico - Paraquay - Philippines - Portugal - Romania - Slovenia - South Africa - Switzerland - Thailand - Turkey - United Arab Emirates - United Kingdom - Venezuela

31 United States that new Heavensubscribers came from since last Heaven News!

Arizona - California - Colorado - Florida - Georgia - Hawaii - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Maine - Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Minnesota - Nebraska - New Jersey - New York - North Carolina - Ohio - Oregon - Pennsylvania - Puerto Rico - South Carolina -Tennessee - Vermont - Virginia - Texas - Washington - Wisconsin

First Subscriber to Heavenletters™ from Martinique!

Welcome, Denis!

Martinique is a Caribbean Island that is part of France. Beautiful, isn't it?

New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom  New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom  New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

  New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

 New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

Welcome to two new devoted Chinese translators!


Yingxuan is pictured below with her baby who will undoubtedly translate when she grows up!

New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

Yingxuan above, who goes by the user name of Innerpeace on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum, wrote in her first emai:

I am from Beijing, China. I love Heavenletters, so I had translated some of Heavenletters into Chinese and got them on line. The message is wonderful and popular for Chinese people, so I wish to be a Volunteer and translate Heavenletters into Chinese. I hope it could help more people. How could I be such Volunteer? Best wishes, Yingxuan.

Xiyangyang and his baby daughter who will also undoubtedly translate herself one of these days are pictured below:

New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

Xiyangyang wrote in his first email:

Beloved Gloria, I am Xiyangyang. I'm glad to write to you. I fell in love with Heavenletters and translate them into Chinese. Now i stay at home and care for my daughter. I'm happy to share the love from Heavenletters with people who understand only Chinese. I greatly appreciate your love to everyone. Thank you. Deo gratias!

I also learned from Yingxuan and Iayangyang that originally, on their own, there were six people in China who took the initiative to translate Heavenletters, and that this group was organized and coordinated by Nick Chen. Beloved Nick Chen, it would be my honor to thank you! I love initiative, and am so grateful. Will you kindly email me?

The earlier translated letters are posted in Chinese here:

To use Xiyangyany's words, we appreciate these mostly unknown translators with oceanic love. And that, of course, goes to all translators. How could we not melt with appreciation for all the beautiful souls that God has chosen to translate Heavenletters?

The last time I looked, there are now 161 Chinese translations posted on Heaven's website here:

In Yingxuan's words that I love, we are a team!

Angels who spread the light of Heavenletters™

Carola posts Heavenletters with beautiful photos like this:

New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

 Here's a sample of Carola's introduction to her site:

Thanks to God, to all the Great Ones who are with us in Spirit, to you all for sharing God's Wisdom, Words and Love with All of God's miracles as you are yourselves, of course, and, of course, to Heavenletters who is one of God's Open Doors for His Words to flow into the World.

For one post alone, Carola regularly receives sixty or more comments every day! And Carola just started! She is working magic, I think. Thanks, dear Carola.

[Apologies for not having the name of the artist. Beloved Carola, please send it to me, dear one. I will include it in the next issue of Heaven News, and I will also see that it's added to the Heaven News posted on the Heaven web site.]  

Russ Michael

Russ Michael in his daily newsletter posted this comment about Heavenletter #4147 Healing the Universe:

Please make or take the time to perform the visuals and actions requested by GOD in this ULTRA-PRECIOUS gift-filled Heavenletter - and as you complete them with LIGHT and LOVE and do KNOW you are a greatly blessed sacred human being QUEEN or KING for we--each and all--in our divine ONENESS are All That Is...

Michael has done so much for Heavenletters, has been such a very good friend, I would never want to contradict anything he says. I am all for reading over Heavenletters, yet I must say that God doesn't say we have to do anything, not at all. If someone wants to do something, that's another thing. No one is duty-bound. I just want to affirm that God doesn't make us do anything!

(Age-reversal [at] on [dot] at

Lady Isis

New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

From Lady Isis' Message of the Day -


God said:

Life beckons you. It beckons you to change. It is certain that life does not stay the same. Nor must you.


Be amenable to change. Do not make judgments. Make change welcome. Progress does not come from staying the same. A human being is someone who grows and changes. It is not that you betray your life by not holding onto it. You further your life. At every moment, you are growing closer to Me. You leap over the tall past. You are gracious to life. What else is there for you to do?


Change may not be what you want, and yet you would do well to make friends with it. 

* From Heavenletters™ #4153 The Tree You Want to Climb April 8, 2012 * Copyright1999-2012

*  *

New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

Jo Petzer

Jo Petzer sends out Transcendence once a month on the full moon. Jo does a fabulous job with her e-zine. It's perfection. And I am thrilled that she unfailingly, since the beginning of Transcendence, put Heavenletters first!

Jo, Heaven Admin and I are really going to visit you soon. We both want to very much.

Bernie Siegel also writes for Transcendence. He writes a very personal story in the latest issue about measuring spiritual success that has touched me very much. Bernie is an example of spiritual success yet his article is about what he learned from his son. Bernie has been a subscriber to Heavenletters for eight years and a big support. It is Bernie who sponsored the Heaven CD! You can read Bernie's article, page 14, here:

Download Transcendence Mag

And did everyone have a beautiful full moon!

Team Work - Taking Initiative 

The wonderful hearts that come to Heavenletters -- they see a need, and they fill it. I am in awe. They are unsung heroes. Day in and day out, they keep Heavenletters solidly moving along. One of the new pages that Heaven Admin will add to the upgrade is a page (pages!) devoted to all the Heaven angels.

Here are some recent examples of Heavenletter Volunteer Angelteam members who go the extra mile. The fact is that they all do. It is all the extra mile because, for everyone, their service is a labor of love. Here are just a few:


Andrea, a long-time Heavenreader, posted on the forum (God bless you for posting on the forum, Andrea!) asking to proof Heavenletters. Not to make excuses for myself, I am swamped, and, as it happened, her email fell by the wayside. But Andrea took the initiative and asked again! Good for her! And this time I put her offer into motion. And it feels so right. Andrea not only proofs; she also does research. Not only that, Andrea has taken on some thinking for me, taking responsibility off my shoulders. Thanks, Andrea.


New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

Normand is one of three French translators. On his own initiative, Normand discovered how to post Heavenletters on the forum and how to email them out! There is more behind-the-scenes responsibilities that Normand has also taken on for Heavenletters and for me. He is a phenomenal resource. Thank you so much, Normand.


New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

Luus from the Netherlands has long been a translater who also takes great initiative. Recently, she caught something important about posting translations under the translations and also under English Heavenletters so that Heavenreaders of other languages can locate their translations on the Heaven website. Her discovery has a lot to do with search engines finding us.

Heaven Admin wrote to Luus:

Luus, you're right. - this page was viewed 447 times last month, which means there are Dutch speaking people who are visiting it. They may not be subscribers, and the forum may be the only place for them to access fresh translations. The French and German translations receive over 1000 views.

Based on your statement and the statistics, I suggest we continue to double-post the translated Heavenletters until a better system is up. I'm going to start with the project planning of the upgrade this weekend.


New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

You may not know enough about Mauro who is an employee of Heaven Admin's in Argentina. He worked with Heaven Admin on the development of MoFlow. Of course, Mauro also does a lot of posting of translations. Everything Mauro does for Heavenletters is volunteer.

You may not know that Mauro is also Yacu who does the Heavenletter comics which I adore so much. The comic below shows a Godwriter flying back to South Africa. I like this mode of transportation! Thanks, Mauro.

New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

Heaven Admin

New Heaven News, April 2012 Freedom

Of course, the all-time volunteer of all is Heaven Admin who has made Heavenletters a responsibility of his own. When I would try to thank him, he used to say: "It is for me to thank you."

Now when I try to thank him, he says: "It's my job."

This must be God's work. Is this not a miracle? How can I look on this without being bedazzled?

Help Wanted! Website Upgrade and Heaven News

Santhan (Heaven Admin) Regarding Website Upgrade:

Phase I will be to plan out the foundation of the new website and categorize each functional component, into what we call a feature. For example, we would have a forum feature and that feature would be responsible for all the functionality related to creating forum posts and displaying the posts in the best way possible.

We will have a wysiwyg feature, which would take care of everything related to editing/adding content (including images and multimedia).

As it stands, we cannot add any new functionality to the current Drupal 5 website. The only type of work I can presently do on this website is related to performance opimization. As the numbers of visitors increase, I find ways to make the website less resource intensive.

Data migration will occur in Phase Two of the website upgrade.

I've created a workspace on for managing the project. Anyone interested in joining in, please let me know by replying to this post, and we'll take it from there.  

Gloria Regarding Heaven News:

As you can see, Heaven Admin is very clear and organized. He sees the whole picture and knows exactly what has to be done. Working with me is not like that.

My guess is you would spend 4 hours a month on Heaven News, looking up things on the web, finding photos, proofing AND editing. Do you have web-editing experience and talent? Overall creative work is also a possiblity. Right now I am desperate for a hands-on angel who responds promptly and can just get the job done. The truth is I am looking for a dream angel volunteer. Do you exist? Or are you anywhere near my dream? Please get back to me -- soon!

We Love Your Photos!

Bruce Miller

 New Heaven News, April 2012 Free Will for All

Bruce sends many Heavenletters to his family and friends. Bruce is a friend of mine in Iowa. Here's one example of a Heavenletter he sent out to many hearts and asked them to subscribe: Heavenletter #4139 Each Other’s Beloved  

 New Heaven News, April 2012 Free Will for All

Mil y mil gracias por la belleza de sus mensajes, por ese aliento que nos impulsa a dar uno y otro paso, por recordarnos que juntos somos uno y que por eso nunca estamos solos.

Su trabajo es realidad maravilloso, adelante. Gracias por estar, por compartir, gracias por la sonrisa de hoy. Un abrazo, bendiciones.

Thousand and thousand thanks for the beauty of your messages, that breath that drives us to give each other step, for reminding us that together we are one and therefore we are never alone.

God's work is really wonderful, go ahead. Thanks for being, for sharing, thanks for the smile today. Hugs, blessings.

With deep apology, I don't seem to find the name of the writer of this comment. Please let me know who you are, okay?

With love and blessings to all!

Closing God Quotation:

There is a God of Love winding the handle of the nickelodeon of life.

Heavenletter #1221 I Have Given You the World

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