The New Heaven News September 6, The World Is Opening Its Heart Wide

Opening God Quote

"In God's Presence, what can you do but love?"
Heavenletter #3525 One Wonderful Love

New Subscribers from 38 Nations since last issue of Heaven News

Argentina Australia Bahrain Belgium Brunei Darussalam Canada Columbia Costa Rica Croatia Finland France Germany Greece Guatemela Hong Kong India Italy Kenya Korea Mexico Netherlands Norway Panama Philippines Portugal Romania Slovakia Sri Lanka Singapore South Africa Spain Switzerland Taiwan Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Venezuela Wales

From Taiwan, gratefully, we now have 2 subscribers, and from Slovakia, 2 as well. From Brunei Darrassalam, we now have 4, and from Sri Lanka also four. I am so proud that people from these countries have come here. Are they not pioneers?

It must mean something that they are the first subscribers from their countries, and they have signed up for a language that is not their own.

May the 2 recent subscribers from Taiwan and Slovakia become 20 each, and 4 from Brunei and Sri Lanka become 40 each, and then 20 become 200 and 40 become 400. Why not? It's all a miracle anyway, isn't it?

The data base shows 8,425 people receiving Heavenletters in English. That count includes the twelve people from the four countries mentioned above. I remember when we had 16 subscribers altogether, and I was jumping for joy!

Luus, Heaven's main Dutch translator, desired ten new subscribers to her translations for the month of August, and she got them! Thanks, Luus.

New Subscribers from 36 U.S. States since last issue of Heaven News

Arizona California Colorado Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina New Mexico Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Tennessee Texas Virginia Washington Washington, D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin

Heaven Helper Wanted

We're looking for someone who can help edit, format and compose Heaven News - and other pages on the Heaven website. Some knowledge of html code required. Contact Santhan if you would like to help Heaven.

Heavenletter Sightings [link for you only, Senor.] Below is link to publish:

loving energies

Blend of Loving Energies is just what it says. A beautiful blend of loving hearts coming together. Thank you, SiNeh and Catya, for linking us to your site and for all that you do to bless the world.

Here are two subscribers who let us know they posted quotations from Heavenletters on their Twitter pages.
Tri Gunanto

Tri Gunanto Jakarta, Indonesia
(Tri, sorry I misplaced what you wrote.)

Sa Meyer

Sa says, "Thanks for sharing your unique Light in such a special way. I am sharing your messages. Shine on, Bright Light :-) SAM.".

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There are always more readers of Heavenletters than subscribers

One of our French translators, Normand, found a French Canadian spiritual web site that publishes Heavenletters daily.

There have always been more Heavenletters readers than there are subscribers. I have lost count of the generous sites that publish Heavenletters. We are so glad and grateful.

In addition there are Heavenreaders who go to the website first thing. Here is a comment from one reader of Normand's and Jean-Christophe's French translations on the website Heavenletter #3526 Being Who You Are. -- Here is the English translation

On this Internet, invaded by all sorts of theories that are more and more cranky, muddled, distressing, etc., Heavenletters are comforting with love, peace and light. I rush every day to the Heavenletter Web site to read directly on the site the French translation. This gives me great strength! This is the only “spiritual” literature that I pass on without any hesitation. Thanks to Gloria, the translators! May the divine light be on you forever. E. Bayle

E. Bayle, all thanks to God and to you! How we would love you to subscribe. As it is, we don't know where you live, and we don't know how to reach you to tell you how much your comment means to us and to ask for an informal candid photo of you to put up on the Reader Comment page.

More recent comments on Reader Comment page of web site

ada moreda
Ada Moreda, Puerto Rico, USA wrote:

Every day I love more and more Heavenletters. What good they are doing me! God bless the people write who them!

Nona Delcea, Vancouver

I am still under the spell of the beauty of God's words, and the beauty of your decision to share all this with us. Thank you deeply. I want to read these letters over and over again...Words cannot express my gratitude.
Nona Delcea, Vancouver

 Jeff Martin, Richmond, VA USA
Jeff Martin aka "Thoth"
Richmond, Virginia, United States

We Love our Heaven Letters each and every day of the year and the finely-tuned staff who make it All possible with the help of Spirit. Though we don't say "Thanks" each day, just know that We prize our Heaven Letters like Gold. We forward our Heaven Letters to many others around the globe, and the Heavenletters make an incredible difference in the lives and Spirits of Heavenletter subscribers and a multitude of non-subscribers.

So many of our Heaven Letters contain just the right words at just the right mOMent! They are Divinely-synchronistic on a regular basis, involve countless miracles of all sorts that often span continents, and connect to our other "Friends in Higher places."

We don't thank the Sun each and every day, but we sure would miss the Sun if it ever went dark, and that's how We feel about Heaven Letters.

How God's light shines so brightly through Heavenreaders and their words? We would love to post your heartfelt comments and candid photos on the Reader Comment page as well. Thank you!

Check out the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum

We have the top comments of all comments on the web. Jochen from Germany recently pointed out that Heavenletter, Under the Sun, #3542, has more responses than any other Heavenletter! I don't really know why this Heavenletter and not another! At the last count there were 51 Heavenreader comments. Come add yours! Click to visit out forum.

Two Strong Heaven Volunteers

You've heard about Nancy from North Carolina before. She is a Heaven volunteer who will be helping with administrative duties and more. She is a Godsend. And just what the doctor ordered! I'm in Heaven!

Another Godsend who has been with us for a long time is Berit from Italy. Berit has been welcoming everyone to the forum for years along with Pam. Berit thought of more she can do to welcome more people to the forum, and she is going to do it. She may even be contacting YOU!

Thank you, everyone, for being here.

I see Heavenreaders as an army of angels gaining more and more momentum and dipping their wings of light even further – and faster. Do you feel it?

Ending God Quote

“Flowers bloom. Then why not the world you live in?”
Heavenletter #3409 The World Is a Reflector

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