New Heaven News August 13, 2012 The Glory of Service

Opening God Quotation

God said:

Love will circle itself, and yet no circle will be marked. No edges, no borders, no boundaries, only the boundlessness of love, the essence of love, love original, love without trappings, love and nothing else but love, nothing to contrast it to, nothing to make of it, nothing to interpret or to draw a picture of, just love, pure love in a state of Being that can only be called love, and yet will have no name, for with Oneness, there is no need of discernment.

Heavenletter #4161 You Are Beginning to Wonder
Submitted by Lady Isis TheLightCircleEzine/

New Heaven News August 2012 The Glory of Service

31 Countries new Heavensubsribers came from since last Heaven News!

Argentina - Australia – Austria - Brazil – Belgium – Bulgaria – Canada – Columbia - Estonia - France - Germany – Ghana – Hungary – India – Ireland – Italy - Kenya - Korea - Mexico - Netherlands - New Zealand – Nigeria - Philippines -Saudi Arabia - Singapore - South Africa - Spain - Switzerland – Taiwan - Turkey - Uganda - United Kingdom

24 United States that new Heavensubscribers came from since last Heaven News!

Arizona – California - Connecticut – Florida - Georgia - Illinois - Louisiana –Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan - Montana - Oklahoma - Nevada - New Hampshire – New Jersey - New York - North Carolina – Ohio – Pennsylvania - South Carolina - Texas - Virginia - Washington - Wisconsin

Bringing New Subscribers to Heavenletters™!

Canada! One new person from Canada starts subscribing to Heavenletters™, and the next thing we know, there is a flood of new subscribers from Canada. Thank you, whoever you are, who started this recent Canadian Heavenletter gold rush!

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service

We never know who or what will bring a new subscriber to Heavenletters or how and when.

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service

Bernie Siegel, M.D., Author & Cindy Hurn, Co-Author

Heaven’s good friend, Bernie Siegel, M.D., knew he brought his co-author, Cindy to Heavenletters™.

He didn’t know, however, that through his web-site, he had also brought our third subscriber from Saudi Arabia, Heather Kirby. Heather works as Educational Coordinator at the famous King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

In the following photo, you will see Heather (top left) with her beloved students:

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service

Heather wrote to Heavenletters:

I found Heavenletters on Bernie Siegel's website...funny because 7 days prior, I placed personalized messages on my desk from God to me! This was to remind me that God is here and loves me. I wrote messages like this:

Good Morning, Heather!  Love, God.

And since then, I keep bumping into messages like Heavenletters!!!

Welcome, dear Ruozi, Heaven's Newest Translator from China

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service

Ruozi teaches at a university in China. Ruozi, we're so happy to have you join Innerpeace and Xiyangyang as a key member of the Chinese Angel Translating Team!

Heaven volunteer angels appear from everywhere!

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service

Turkish Translator (on right)     Translator/Coordinator China

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service   

U.S. Workshop Helpers in Iowa  Composer/Singer/Producer U.S  

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service
Australia Translator/Tech    U.S. Editors of Heavenletter Recordings

They look happy, don't they!!!

As you see, we have Translator Angels, Technical Angels, Administrative Assistant Angels.

We are always looking for MORE. Are you an angel? We're looking for you.

NEW Translators!!! NEW Tech Staff!!! NEW Administrative Assistants!!!

Get over here!

You love Heavenletters, and your heart pulls you here.

Work as many or as few hours as you have to give.

No pay, but God is GREAT!

As Xiyangyang, Chinese translator, expressed it:

“It is my glory to translate God's words for my compatriots.”

No wonder Xiyangyang is happy!

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service 

In addition to heart, we are looking for people who are self-starters and can work independently and yet are willing to follow directions! People who can get back to us quickly and keep on top of things. In other words, you have to be PERFECT! (Or want to be!)

Middle God Quote:

God said:

Never fear of dreaming too big. You cannot dream too big. Life is made of miracles. Life in the world is founded on miracles. Of course, you are to dream big dreams, and, further, you are to expect your dreams to come true. Why not? Dreams are coming true all the time. Why not yours, beloveds?

Heavenletter #4074 God’s Blessing

submitted by Jo Petzer, Transcendence Mag

Volunteer Angels Who Bring Their Own Ideas!

First below is Sharon Thomas of Iowa City, Iowa, a Godwriter™, who had the idea and offered to help find and write a grant to support Heavenletters and the writing of The Godwriting™ Book and The Little Things: Before and After God.

 New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service
Sharon is seeking another grantwriter to work together with her.  Please let us know who you are TODAY.

Sharon also gave me another purpose for writing The Little Things through a post of hers on the Godwriting blog. Sharon wrote:

Before I read your blog, I had thought that the kind of relationship you have with God meant the sacrificing, surely, of an intense personal life. I am very heartened to learn that it does not mean this at all.

Incidentally, Kathy Scott wrote in something supportive on the same idea that Sharon expressed in regard to Heavenletters. Kathy reads great spiritual books that teach us how to be in the world but not of it.

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service

Kathy wrote:

I see much of this in Heaven Letters as well. Many people believe that living in this world is not important, but really we still have to be here, we just need to live it differently.

Adam Coles of West Virginia has come forward with a great project and great marketing ideas. Adam is a spiritual writer in his own right who has just recently come to Heavenletters.

New Heaven News August ? 2012 The Glory of Service

The first thing I saw on Adam’s website was this:

Heaven Letters If you’re not already doing it you should check out -- it’s awesome.

And listen to this! Adam's son above is 14 months old, and Adam wants to record an entire set of Heavenletters for his boy to listen to. What a gift from a father! Adam has also offered to make his recordings available for Heavenreaders on the website. 

A new Heavensubscriber, Adam is already thinking for Heavenletters. Here are a few of the many wonderful encouraging words Adam has written:

Have you considered sending free copies of the Heaven Letter book to celebrities? Even a single celebrity endorsement can bring millions of people to a website.  Imagine the power of millions of people reading Heaven Letters everyday. All those souls tuned into the vibration of Heaven...

Even if you take no action, sooner or later, someone with a large audience is going to notice the Heaven Letters.  It's kind of inevitable.  The Ascension of humanity is inevitable, and Heaven Letters is a part of that.

Thank you, Adam.

The three powerful translators in China mentioned above are also translating the Heaven book into Chinese. As is customary in many countries in the East, translators act as agents and find a publisher. This is a beautiful thing that Yingxuan (Innerpeace,) Xiyangyang, and Liruozi, our newest translator from China, are all translating Heavenletters™, Love Letters from God, Book One into Chinese. This will lead to the book's being published in China. Thank you so much!

In addition, I want to note that Yingxuan is also starting to compile a book of famous quotations from Chinese wisdom side by side with quotations from Heavenletters with parallel meanings. This book would be published in China and/or offered on the Heaven website. Perhaps we could also have the book translated into English for English readers as well. To give you an idea, here is YingXuan’s present signature:

From the Analects of Confucious:

有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎?-论 Is it not a joy to have like-minded friends come from afar?

From Heavenletter #4184, God’s Very Self:

Our hearts are open. There is no closing them. My prodigal son has returned.

Thank you, beloved YingXuan.

Closing God Quotation

What if your heart is a bridge so that others can cross any distance?

Heavenletter #4218 Looking into the Mirror of a Fairy Tale
Submitted by Cindy Hurn, Author

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