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Heaven Letters Website Originator

I just discovered this website while perusing The Rainbow Scribe website. I read a couple of Heaven Letters and several comments from subscribers.

Two of the commentors mentioned "Gloria." I have been searching the website to find information about the person who is doing the writing of Heaven Letters; I have not yet stumbled upon that information.

I assume Gloria is channeling directly from God. If that is the case, it is not only unusual, it is downright unheard of! I would appreciate anything you can tell me about where, how, and from whom these letters originate. If Gloria channels them, then I would appreciate knowing her story and how this came to be.

Thank you very much for your kind indulgence of my 3D-inspired ignorance. I send you my love and my thanks.

Heaven Letters Website Originator

Not more than 60 seconds after I sent you my first message of this evening, I found your story, Gloria. I am astounded! But I'm not really surprised.

Your story is so similar to mine - not the vision or the Godwriting, but your feeling about going your own way, etc. I am not a fast reader, and I still have quite a bit to read from your biographical article. I need to stop now, but I will come back to it.

I love you and I thank you. I'm going to subscribe now, as, besides my own desire to read them, I have two very dear friends whom I know will love Heaven Letters.

Much love to you, SarahCat

Dear Sarah, just to be

Dear Sarah, just to be clear, when I was a child, I felt left out not belonging to a religion, like somehow I wasn't good enough. When someone at elementary school would ask me what I was giving up for Lent, I would mumble: "I don't know yet." I was ashamed not to be part of a religion and couldn't quite admit it. Even as my family practiced no religion, I have to say that the absence of religion played a significant part in my life. Not only did I not practice --.

.I will return.

Oh, dear, Sarah, I was interrupted. I think I was going to comment upon your dear desire to understand Heavenletters completely. God does not ask us to fully understand any Heavenletter, not at all. He asks up to be innocent and begin to feel a little closer to Him. In time, we do. What a relief not to have to understand everything. Juts to be easy with Heavenletters. What is supposed to "take" with us will "take." God makes clear that Heavenletters are NOT a course of study. There are no tests! Just keep reading Heavenletters. Drink in the love.

It's best, as I understand it, to read a Heavenletter a day. Of course, it's okay to read an older Heavenletter as we desire. Better to read 7 Heavenletters than to study 2. Studying could perhaps take your joy away.

I love you too!

Oops. P.S. Heavenletters is not a religious newsletter. We have people here of all religions. Religions have helped many people, each in his or her own way. So as not to offend anyone, we have guidelines for posting. Can you find them, sweetheart?

God bless you.

Thank you for clarifying....

Ah, Gloria - so your impetus was your lack of religious upbringing. Mine, on the other hand, was the opposite. My parents were religious fanatics. Everything in our lives was saturated with their religion. We ate, breathed and slept it 24/7. From early childhood we stood up in church to "bear our testimony" that we "knew" the church was true. I believed everything my parents told me up until around the time I turned 13 and entered junior high school. One day, when I got home from school, I asked my mother why it was that God didn't let anybody live with Him after they died unless they were baptized members of our church. She obviously didn't know because she got angry with me and started yelling. Fifty plus years later, I realize that she was simply an angry person and didn't know how else to behave. I, of course, learned that behavior from her, and it has taken me my entire life to try to rid myself of that anger. I feel like I have been maybe 60-70% successful, but that's just a guess. It pops out when I least expect it. I'm easier on myself than I used to be, but how in the world am I ever going to make it to the 4D Earth if I can't rid myself of all the anger? I'm still praying for it to go away, and I'm still working very hard at it.

By my early teens, I was finally thinking for myself, and I realized that there were just too many holes in the church dogma for me to believe it anymore. I met so many wonderful people in junior high, and it didn't make sense to me that God would refuse to welcome them home just because they weren't baptized in the church. When I turned 18, I moved out and got my own apartment. I "ran screaming" from that religion and haven't been back since! I made up my mind I would find the truth, and I spent many years researching theology.

In my 29th year, I met a wonderful woman who turned me onto Edgar Cayce. For the very first time, life finally made sense to me. So I settled on metaphysics, and have been comfortable with that for 40 or so years.

Interestingly, though, I still have several dear friends, with whom I grew up, who are still staunch members of the church. I used to think I could never be friends with anyone "stupid enough to believe in such a ridiculous religion"; but I now realize that it doesn't matter what a person believes. What's important is what's in his/her heart.

As God said - Love is all that matters. And as the song says, Love is all there is!

Heaven Letters Website Originator

Dear Gloria,

Now that I have posted as you requested, I am having trouble finding your biographical article again so I can finish reading it.

Please, could you help me to find it?

Thank you, and Bless You for what you are doing.


Thank you, Gloria Wendroff of

Thank you, Gloria, for giving me the links to read about you and watch/listen to your videos. Now that I know you travel all around the world sharing your Godwriting with everyone, I get that attending one of your workshops is probably a pretty remote possibility for me. So I'm just going to try it myself and see what happens. Can't hurt, right?

I've never called a "stranger" my friend before; but if you're having an every-day, ongoing conversation with God, you're everybody's friend! What an unexpected phenomenon this is, to discover one of my fellow earth travelers is one of God's best friends.

Thanks again for everything, Gloria. I'll keep you posted on my Godwriting attempts.

Be well till we talk again,


P.S. I know you're extremely busy, but please try to find time to talk to your administrator about sending me e-mails in foreign languages. I only speak English (American)! Thanks.

Bless you, Sarah

Bless you, Sarah Catharine.

Bless you, Sarah Catharine.

To share your life story on Heavenletters, register on the Heavenletter forum and then go to Profile. Tell all you like on the profile.

I tried to post your photo with no success. I will ask one of the great tech guys to get it up for us. Hang on.

Yes, I have passed your message on. I went to the data base myself. It shows you subscribed to English only.

The tech volunteer angels will see what’s going on. You may have to be patient, dear one. Patience is a great quality I have heard of and not yet attained – I hear it works!

When it comes to Godwriting, there is no trying. No attempt. No strain. God does it! Godwriting is easy, or it is not Godwriting. We have an online Godwriting workshop in the works.

Thank you for your beautiful

Thank you for your beautiful posts, Sarah, that make me think of a lot to say. I will pass on to Rainbow Scribe that you found Heavenletters through her. I thank both of you.

Okay, I'm Gloria. 20 years or so God blessed me, somehow chose me -- or did I choose myself? -- that question always runs through me -- to take dictation. God has variously said that I am His typist, His typewriter and His donkey who carries his messages in a cart to deliver to readers like you, dear one. I have never felt comfortable to say I channel Heavenletters. I am more comfortable to say that God whispers them to me so softly. A very few times I have also experienced that as I type His Words, my lower arms seem to light up. Then yy understanding is that God's Words somehow come through my DNA. Of course, what matters is that God's Words come. Now, it feels to me that the words come from a Personal God, and tjhat God, as I have come to know Him, loves us all the same.

But you have hit on something, Sarah. According to David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force the human nervous system would burn up if it directly contacted God. So, it certainly may be as true to say that what I hear is a Voice for God that I hear or my Higher Consciousness. David Hawkins further said that the Voice I hear is the same Voice that is recorded in A Course in Miracles. . That brings up the concept of a human filter. .

I have been blessed to hold Godwriting workshops where everyone who comes also finds himself or herself writing down what each hears God say. This is totally effortless, yet no one is in any kind of trance.

Thank you, Gloria, for your explanation.

Makes sense to me! I'd love to attend one of your workshops. Where are you located? Actually, it doesn't matter. If it's more than 50 miles from my home, I wouldn't be able to come, anyway. Maybe it would work if I just concentrated on it. Oh well.

I think God picked YOU. You obviously have a very high vibration. I was "flattered" when you said my posts emitted high vibrations. If you've read my last reply to yours, you'll know why!

Peace, Love, and God bless you, dear lady.

Sarah Catherine