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A thought for the day!

I feel that God works both ways. I feel that God picked Heavenletters for Heavenreaders, and God picked Heavenreaders for Heavenletters.
If, possible, and willing, I'd like to see other people's thought for the day, or maybe the week, or even millenium!

This is a great idea,

This is a great idea, Felicia.

I would love to see translators come here frequently and leave their comments. How to do this?

There's no how to do this.

There's no how to do this. People can just be willing and leave their thought of the day for others to read.

How did you get so wise? I'm

How did you get so wise? I'm serious.

You belong on a Board of Directors. I have a lot to learn from you.



honored to have your response. I could not ask for more than what you say. It is
good for me to hear such words and thanks for them.

For about a year I read your letters . They are from God down, and can illuminate and lift.
Sometimes I need a little space to hear what is going on within me, but then I am drawn back.

Would like to include your comment under a comment to a writing, and will also put your website and name
but want to check with you first before I do this and it becomes public. I assume its okay but just want
to be respectful.

Have the strength to continue in your work. Funny, maybe I'm wrong, but it seems as if you write from
God down, and I write from me looking up and out. Maybe that's simplistic maybe not.

Take care and I value your efforts,


Steve, we sure want

Steve, we sure want Heavenletters to be known. Thank you for sharing God's bounty.

He gives so much, and so much for us to think about.

Infinity Math of God's Love

If I were to add one to negative infinity for every drop of God's love for you, the answer would be positive infinity to the power of infinity infinity times. <3