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literary somersaults God played with me

Gloria dear,
Since morning today I was floating in the mist of frustration. I was having doubts regarding God's grace as well.
In the afternoon, I lied down after my lunch and opened a chapter from old pages.This is what I came across:

God:( to Gloria)

"Accept your misdemeanors as well as others'. When you accept your own, it will be easier to accept others'. Accept means to release it. It will be good to release everything as it happens, and then there is nothing to let go of. When you don't hold on in the first place, it's one step rather than the two of holding and on and having to let go. Accepting means to let go.

Be appraised of your great progress. You have taken giant steps."

Here, I started to envy you! God continued:

"Tell your friends who read My words that this applies to them as well."
My first somersault! God goes on:

"Progress comes in increments, so you don't always notice. You can, however, take My word for it.


I would think so!


And yet you don't always. Sometimes you still doubt. Doubt is another thing to add to your list of what you would like to remove."

This was my second somersault!

Dear Chetan, how lovely to

Dear Chetan, how lovely to share this with us all. See today's blog, if you will, for you will see that I would do well to read what you posted once again. :)

Dear Gloria, I went through

Dear Gloria, I went through it and found God s reply very confusing, isn't it? Anyway, I would love to read more gems from your personal God writing. God doesn't speak with me so I have to depend upon you all the time for help!
I also think that in the current times of evolution when the releasing of old stuff from our hearts has reached to maximu heights, a lot of different personal issues are up for many.Otherwise there is no reason to plunge into the darkness after experiencing bliss.

Regarding your last point

Regarding your last point first, you could be right that in the current times of evoluton, a lot of personal issues are coming up for many. On the other hand, in the relative world, everything is relative. It could be that we have always been releasing old stuff to the degree we seem to now. It's possible that we are more aware now, or perhaps more common to talk about our going through stuff that was it is talked about now.

It does seem to me that there is clearly much more love going around in the world, and we see evidences of it every day.

As for God's comment in the blog that stirred my heart so much and also served to detach me from the issue as well, it was a perfect answer for me. It wouldn't be fair for me to go into the issue. The issue isn't the point. I don't know that I can rephrase God's answer that helped me let go to such a degree..

It probably doesn't matter what this particular issue of mine is. Basically, it was about two good people seeing differently. Each of us thinks he is right. Each thinks he is not only right to feel the way he does but also noble. It's a case like: The opposite is also true. From my point of view, I am perfectly right. And the other people, from their point of view, are also perfectly right.

It could be that God was saying:" You're right, Gloria. The other people are also right. Neither of you is right at the other's expense. It's not all one way. It's like a dance. One step goes to the right, and the next step goes to the left. Neither is wrong. Both are right."

You know, Chetan, the distance between you and your own Godwriting is virtually non-existent. I have the feeling that God is talking to us all the time. All it takes is a tiny tiny turn of a switch on a dilal like how you get a radio station clear.

I wish it were possible to go to India right now and give a Godwriting workshop or get some kind of interactive Godwriting workshop going on the internet.

This is the link to the blog:

Gloria, when time permits I

Gloria, when time permits I would love to attend a God writing workshop. At present it is not possible because I need to stay and serve my bed ridden mother . I would love to ask a lot of questions to God, asking just one question is not going to satisfy me! I also know there is a point during spiritual evolution when no questions remain and bliss reigns, I want to reach that point too.

Dear Chetan, the Godwriting

Dear Chetan, the Godwriting Blog page of the website is now up. You'll find it at the very bottom of the right margin.

Bless you for your questions.

A part of conversation that

A part of conversation that appealed to me:"Gloria to God:

Dearest God, today I was defrosting my refrigerator with an electric heater for that purpose. I became engrossed in typing, and forgot all about it. The inside of the little freezer and some other places melted, leaving things warped and with holes, some really large ones. I really knew to watch that heater.

   Mother Divine:

I tell you that you cannot know what this experience with the refrigerator may have spared you from. I do not say it did, but it is possible that it was substituted for something far more serious.

So, even for this, you can be grateful to God Who watches over you."


You bring up such beautiful

You bring up such beautiful points, beloved Chetan. Grateful to you.

Gloria, Karen was suffering

Gloria, Karen was suffering from two blistering sores on her neck and God suggested using ice, baking soda, witch hazel, aloe vera and other remedies for her. How amazing this is!