growth of consciousness

With Love and Consideration for All

God said:

Listen well to the silence within you. Within the silence are all the answers you are seeking. You understand, I am speaking of the silent Known yet Unknown within you. It cannot be seen. It cannot be heard except as your heart hears it. It speaks volumes to you, beloveds, this silence in which all is contained.

States of Consciousness

God said:

Children play the games they play. Children like to play in mud. They like to play cops and robbers. They like to play hide go seek. They like to break toys. They like to build sand castles, and they like to knock them down. They like to play. Play makes sense because it is play.

As the children become adults, they continue to play games. The game they play then is called life, considered by many to be real life, and very very serious. Play is really entered into, and sometimes at all costs.

You Are Oneness Supreme

God said:

Every Human Being is unique. A Human Being is Oneness personified and personalized, Oneness made unique, Oneness with opinions and points of view perhaps unlike any other. And, still, even so, there is Oneness. There is the union of Oneness regardless of any opposing views. There is no one way. There are myriads of ways, and yet, still there is Oneness. This is hard to assimilate.

A Treasure Chest

God said:

Sometimes, only sometimes, when people in your life become difficult for you, it is because you are moving on, have grown, surpassed where you were, and have not yet found where you are going. So you and your compadres bump into each other because there has been many-directioned growth, and you don't fit so comfortably together anymore. There is a niche you once fit into and don't anymore.

It is a kind of recycling.

Don't despair.

Life is a kind of march, and you are marching on.

Be not sad about your own development.

You are here for it.

You grow closer to Me.

Your Consciousness

God said:

Your consciousness strides across the Earth. It spans space and time. It is one stride you take across the Earth. The Earth revolves under you.

Your arms surround the Earth so the Earth you walk on you also hold in your arms.

Your girth is the Earth's. Your feet propel it. Your breath spins it, and your breath warms it. Your heart pulsates through the vibrating Earth.

Your thoughts grow on it.

The surface of the Earth is your skin and hair. They grow out into trees. The trees sprout leaves and your ears roses, and it is you who covers the Earth with your thoughts.

"My Father's House"

God said:

"My Father's house has many mansions" means there are dimensions you do not remember visiting. I use the word "dimension", but that does not say accurately what I mean to say. There is no word for what I want to say.

It is like — only like — you have a house with a third floor you are not aware of or have forgotten (not aware of and forgotten are the same) — and then suddenly you open a forgotten door (you have an insight) and there are the stairs, and there are the other rooms, treasures there all the time, but hidden from your view. They can only be hidden temporarily.

The Step after Ego

God said:

Everything is a step. Even ego is a step. Just don’t spend too long on it.

Ninety-eight percent or more of upset is ego-bred.

If you had not felt discounted, you wouldn’t have been so angry, and maybe a situation wouldn’t have arisen. Maybe you wouldn’t have been fired or walked out and quit. Maybe you would have seen something through. Or maybe you would have left anyway, but not flounced off, and you would have made friends as you left.

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