A Treasure Chest

God said:

Sometimes, only sometimes, when people in your life become difficult for you, it is because you are moving on, have grown, surpassed where you were, and have not yet found where you are going. So you and your compadres bump into each other because there has been many-directioned growth, and you don't fit so comfortably together anymore. There is a niche you once fit into and don't anymore.

It is a kind of recycling.

Don't despair.

Life is a kind of march, and you are marching on.

Be not sad about your own development.

You are here for it.

You grow closer to Me.

Shoes that once fit don't fit anymore. That's all.

This is a transit, and you have to do some packing and unpacking. That's all.

Sooner or later your consciousness reaches another rung in the ladder, and you have to let go of the previous rung.

Remember where you are climbing. Remember that you are growing to My consciousness.

You are growing up. What a wonderful expression that is! Your language says it. You grow upward.

You can look at the discomfort in your life another way. You presently see what once you did not even notice.

This does not mean you have to be alert to what discomforts you. It means that when sleeves grow too tight, you feel it. You don't have to watch out for it.

If you were a grazer on grass, you would know when to move on to greener fields.

You like to stay where your feet have been planted. But feet are meant to move. They were never planted.

Consider now that you are going to do cartwheels.

There is great movement coming, and move you shall.

Be a willing traveler. The road you take leads to Me. You travel with Me anyway. Ultimately, there is no change at all. You only think something has changed.

You are not in a whirlwind. You are in an eddy of life.

You are not spinning. You are evolving. Evolving is easy when you don't hold on to the day before.

Perhaps you are just beginning to take shape. You thought you were formed but you were in process of forming.

Your life is not a straight line.

The shape of your life is a spiral, or double-helix. It is interwoven in a simple pattern that you call intricate.

Simple is the life before you. You merely get up and do what you are called upon to do. And it is I Who calls you. And I urge you on.

You are not inanimate. You are animate, and movement is the condition of animation.

Where is it that you are afraid to go? You go with yourself. You cannot possibly be lost.

Where you are now in life was once an unknown to you. And now you hold on to it.

You do not lay your life before you. You find it ahead of you.

You do not have a map. You are making the map as We speak.

Life is an adventure. It is a search for treasure. You may not know what treasure you are seeking or where it lies. It is almost certain that you do not know. But you look for it. That is your task. You are seeking your fortune.

We know that I am the Ultimate Treasure. Life is the treasure chest, and you have to open it. What you find may surprise you. You cannot ordain it. You open a chest, and what is within it is revealed. You can only open it and look through. Don't be afraid to open it. It is yours to open. It has your name on it.