Desire Enough

God said:

How important is focus! When you focus on what you want — or I want — you are brought there. The force of your attention pulls you there. Your mind moves ahead to where you want to be, or want to create, and that is how you get there.

It is not all the work you do. The work is really your feet following. Your feet don't lead. They follow.

You have a picture in mind, and that is the achievement.

Let Us say that you desire Me to be known for My sake. Whatever you do to make Me known is sort of dues you pay. The world enacts it from you. But truly it is your desire that brings Me to the forefront. Your eyes are on Me, and other eyes swing to where you look.

Call it desire. Call it intention. Call it My Will. My Will be done. Your desire carries you. You could not fulfill the work without the desire that gives you the energy to perform the work. Work performed without deep desire for something beyond it is slavery.

Result comes from desire. And what is desire but a shift in attention? A little shift, and you marshal all the forces of the universe to your bidding.

Some desires are not on the surface. You may strongly desire that which you don't even know. And when the good comes to you, you may think it was handed to you, but, no, you brought it. You called it and it came. You don't have to know you are calling it.

Take Me, for instance. Soon or late, you will have Me in your sight, and you will think that I descended from on high, but you merely brought Me to your awareness. Or We can say that your awareness brought Me to your feet. I was there tying your shoes all the time.

All your desires have been fulfilled. Everything you hold before you appears. Hold a picture before you of what you desire. Give yourself permission to take your rightful place in that picture. Do not deny yourself access.

The same way you succeed yourself, you defeat yourself.

You know very well how to defeat yourself. Now change your thinking. Do the opposite.

Defeat begins in your consciousness. You say you can't do it or can't become it or can never reach it, and so you accept defeat and shrug your shoulders and turn back.

Now say even more than "I can." Say, "I am doing it. I am doing it right now with the desire." Say, "I am becoming it." Say, "I reach my desire. My desire reaches me." Say, "I keep going forward." And then keep going forward.

Make your desire big enough. Wealth isn't a big enough desire. You may think it's big, but it is, after all, only scraps of paper and circles of metal commonly agreed upon to represent a certain value.

Abundance is another story. Abundance is your right and heritage. It has already been added unto you.

Desiring health isn't a big enough desire. Health is the starting place. It is your right and heritage. Have a bigger desire than health. Desiring your body's health is too small. I do not say not to desire it. I say to desire more.

Desire that your desires be big enough. Have a bigger picture of yourself, and your desires will be grand. They will be simple, and they will be grand.

Ah, here's something. Desire that you know your magnificence, and then magnificence will follow. Desire not the pieces of magnificence, but magnificence itself.

Desire that you have a true picture of yourself, and then you will have it.

Your desires serve something beyond the desire. They are for a purpose. Your desire is for something more than the name of the desire expressed.

Desire the strength of My Will.

Desire My Will, to know what it is, and to follow it, and it will come running to you.

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This is a truly wonderful Heavenletter on the topic of desiring.
Love and blessings, Jim.

Desire the strength of My Will

Oh Jim,

thanks for this ever so beautiful Heavenletter !!!!

Your eyes are on Me, and other eyes swing to where you look.

Much love