Great Progress

God said:

You can see your growth. You can see how you are less affected by another's antics. You can see how you can enjoy even that which you disagree with, and you can enjoy even the ones who disagree with you. Like you, they are trying to make their way in the world. Sometimes the louder they shout, the less certain they are. Why else would they need to be so vehement? Why else would they need to make their voice heard over yours?

And you are here now in that place where you are gaining neutrality even amidst war. You are becoming what you always wanted to be. Once you went up and down according to the winds around you, and now you are not even ruffled. You are gaining the evenness you have so desired. You are returning to stillness even within skirmishes.

Holy being, you are coming to My ways. You are beginning to treat all equally. The fools, the marauders, the noise-makers are becoming those you love. Whatever their shenanigans, you are not rattled. Therefore, you can continue love. You can return to your natural state and be who you are. Because you stand strong and tall, you are no longer threatened by turmoil and therefore you do not adapt it as a code. Agitation is no longer your code.

And so, no longer are you short-circuited from the love in your heart. The love in your heart and the love in My heart are becoming Oneness. You are becoming One with love. You not only desire to stand on the side of love, you find that you are standing here right with Me by My side where only love is.

What has changed to create this miracle? Something has changed. But what is it? Why are you so less affected by another's propensity for what, in years and moments past, would disturb you greatly? What quality has descended upon you? Where did this calmness come from? Where did your former anger and frustration go? How did they get removed?

They were partners in life with you for so long. They were like swords unhilted, ready at a moment's notice.

And now you find that they have deserted you. Now you find you have no need for weaponry, for a far greater vision has replaced it. This was not an act of will. You have willed for hurtful feelings to go long ago, many times, and now you see with great joy that at last they have. They have fled.

Because you are not shaken, you are able to stand firm. Your feet are on the ground, and your heart is in Heaven. I have reached down and stolen your heart, and blessed it, and returned it to you restored to its original beauty.

Now your heart rests in your chest. It enjoys itself there. It remembers Heaven. It remembers Me, and it can only be happy. Even in the midst of unhappiness, it is happy. Your heart now has a life of its own. It is not trammeled by every bit of nonsense that comes along.

Your eyes turn with your heart. You no longer see the same. Your color spectrum has changed. The angry lenses, the fearful lenses, and so forth are simply not available to you any longer. You see with greater clarity, and therefore you see further. You are beginning to see things as they are. The hurtful is not how things are. Love amidst anything is how things are.

I congratulate you. In your equanimity now, you take larger strides. It is not that you move faster. It is that you take larger steps now. Now you are more firmly planted in Heaven, and your feet have wings. Welcome!

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Thank you Gloria :o) :o)

Thank you Gloria :o) :o)

Ah, beloved God's Children,

Ah, beloved God's Children, I know you know that it is God to thank and no one else.