Consciousness of Being

God said:

When you are aware of something, you are conscious of it. The awareness that is growing in you is consciousness. Not consciousness of this and that, but consciousness of Being, consciousness of Consciousness.

Melt into consciousness of Being. It is My Being you melt into. You were forged from My Being, and now you relocate yourself in that placeless timeless field of Being. I am your Being, and you are Mine. We are Being together. We be. We be Light Immutable. Much of your lifetime on earth is spent as though you were a scraggly something or other of little or no account when all the while you are My Being. You are a Being of My Love.

You want to know your purpose in life? It is the same as Mine.

On earth you may have been seeking a lesser purpose, one that has a good name, makes dollars, a career, and you think that is purpose. That is perhaps earth/ego purpose.

The you I speak to has nothing to do with ego. The you I speak to is solely and simply a devotee of My love. You are a finder of ways to give My love right and left.

Your purpose in life is not for yourself, as you have been led to believe.

Your purpose in life is for Me.

You are My devotee, and so you are a dropper of love.

That is your purpose. You have no other.

Your career and all your individuality are to be avenues for your expression of love. Seek your purpose no longer. Love is your purpose.

Have consciousness of Being and be an executor of My Will of love.

This is not blown-up love. This is not the love of which stories are made. In your consciousness of Being, stories do not take over.

Your purpose today is to find occasion for love. And every occasion is for love.

If you are bedridden, send My light of love from your bed. Send it with your thoughts. Send it with your light.

You may not see the receivers of My love that you extend, but the receivers of it will be aware of something. Their heads will turn to see or hear a beckoning they feel. Their consciousness of Being will have awakened and arisen to it knows not what.

That is what love does.

Today, from the silent recesses of your mind, you will take all the love in the world and you will send it to the consciousness of Being that awaits it.

Today, fulfill your purpose, and you will have given My blessings for Me, and for this, I give thanks, for you are My Consciousness of Being returned to Me.

Whenever anything weighs heavily on you, it is because you have blocked your expression of love. If you must know a reason for despair and despondency, that is it.

Love crowded and backed up within you does not make your heart feel full. Love restrained is love pent. It becomes stultified. It presses upon your heart, and you name that oppressive feeling as depression. The cure is to simply let the love out. Let My love in your heart flow, and depression will be an unknown word.

The sadder you feel, the more incumbent it is to relay My love.

If your heart is without hope today, give a little hope to a stranger or to a long-lost acquaintance who will be happy to hear from you. Your presence will give hope by way of a smile or look or word. Your intention will give it.

You do not know who passes by you today who needs that recognition from you. You may be the only one who can give it to that person at that moment, and so you give it. That is all you have to do.

This is no big thing, no drama. This is not the stuff of which movies are made.

But this is the stuff of which happiness is made, and you are to make it by giving it.

And so I have entrusted to you My Consciousness of Being, and so you give it.

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Your purpose in life is not

Your purpose in life is not for yourself, as you have been led to believe.
Your purpose in life is for Me.
You are My devotee, and so you are a dropper of love.
That is your purpose. You have no other.

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