Unconditioned Love

God said:

You cannot adopt unconditional love. You can imitate it, but that is but an attempt. "As if" love is not love.

What is called unconditional love is simply not taking anything personally. When you take things personally, you assume ownership of them.

When you do not take personally, when you see an offender as a passerby who was waving his arms and struck you in passing, when you see that his insult was of his manufacture, and that you are innocent, as innocent as he, then you do not affix blame. What is there to affix blame to? You rise above the action, and so you free the offender and yourself.

If someone curses at you, he is cursing at his own fate.

He sees through certain contracted spectacles, and he has no other way of seeing. You do not penalize him for that. You certainly don't curse him back.

What is called unconditional love is seeing beyond your nose.

It is a quiet awareness of your own Self intact.

It is not pity for the seeming other. It is not indifference.

It is true awareness that this seeming other is incidental in the stream of your life. And he is no different from you in that he is also a teacher of love. What is one who despises or belittles you doing but giving you an exercise in love?

You do not love despite conditions. You simply do not take another's limited vision and make it your own. You simply do not take his blindness personally. You know you are not the cause of his or her ineptness. You are a mere passerby to it.

When it comes to the larger issues of accident, illness, or death, whether of your own body or another's, you also don't take it personally, and so you also don't take it as an affront or discrimination.

You take it as an occurrence that is not directed toward you. You happen to be there, that's all.

What is conditioned love but holding on to precepts? What is love really but letting go of precepts?

Love which is conditioned is not love. Love flows as it flows.

Words like unconditional do not make love more. Let love be what it is, and you will have it to give everywhere.

Have desire to not take what befalls in life as personal to you. Seeing a different way will remove barriers from your heart and mind.

Love is not a decision of the mind. It is not knowing that the offender to your ego has a sad background. You do not make excuses for him any more than you blame him. It is not enough to acknowledge that he is doing only what he is capable of at the time. It is not enough to acknowledge that he thinks he has to defend himself against you. It is not enough to acknowledge that he is taking personally that which has nothing to do with him.

It is not enough to understand that he is trying to inveigle you into a game that you do not have to play.

You do not have to play and you also do not have to placate. A servant of love does not placate. Nor is a servant of love a demolisher of foes, for he knows he has none. He demolishes woe, for that is what love does.

You are not an idolator of that which is called unconditional love. You do not subscribe to it. You subscribe to Me and no other, and in that way, love will come through you.

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I love God this big...

A few years ago I gave up being afraid to love God. Was I afraid He would not return my love? Maybe that was it. Nonetheless, I took the plunge and began to love God with all of my heart. I love Him this big...and my arms are stretched far and wide...wide as the world and far beyond seeing with these eyes. But my Heart knows...it truly does...and I continue to love God so much cause I just do and that is that!!! Jimi.

ps: My life is way dfferent than it used to be. It is soft like a pillow and peaceful as the sky and quissical like a kitten and always in bloom. Jimi.

I think we need someone to

I think we need someone to compile the beautiful beautiful comments that people post here. There is such power here. A book of comments?

Yes dear Gloria, a book of

Yes dear Gloria, a book of comments is a WONDERFUL IDEA !

The comments are as uplifting and ful of wisdom and love as the Heavenletters, a pity not to share them.

much love ♥