Must You Know Everything?

God said:

There is more to life than knowing the right answers.

There are paths in life so that you will walk them. There is fruit along the way for you to pick. God provides for you, but He does not feed you by hand. He asks you to find your way. And so you reach up and pluck the fruits yourself. There are many to choose from.

Would you really want to follow only one map in life? Would you really want no choices? Would you really want everything handed to you? Would you really want to know the menu for each day? Would you really want a computer that told you your exact course, no side tours, no getting lost, no departure from the straight and narrow in the adventure called life?

Would you really prefer Plan A and no other? Would you really want everything laid out and told to you beforehand? Would you really like to make no mistakes? Would you really want to make all the right choices? Would you really want to know exactly what to do in life before you come to it?

Would you really want life to be certain? Would you really want life to be proscribed? Would you really want such limits put on you?

Sometimes My children think I am to be an answer bag, that you are supposed to reach your hand in, and take out perfect instructions for your life. You want Me to be at your command at the same time you want Me to command you. "Give me the answers, God," you say. "Tell me exactly what to do. Tell me exactly where to go, whom to go with, what to do. Save me from life."

If you ask Me for all the details of your life, you are hesitating before it. You are on the cusp of life but not living it. You are looking to Me for so much guidance that you are in the arena of thinking about life rather than entering into it.

Look, I guide you all the time. You need not ask Me to guide you. But I do not always put black and white signposts before you. I ask you to make your way in life. I ask you to make your own decisions. It is not necessary for you to wait for Me on every one.

You are not limited as to how many questions you can ask Me. At the same time, I am not to be leaned on for ease and ready answers. Life is not to be circumvented nor outsmarted. Answers are strewn before you, and you are the one to choose. And one answer will lead to another.

Sometimes you ask Me whether you should plant an apple tree or a plum tree. You ask Me then, which kind of apple tree. You ask Me where to plant it, and when. Will you not ask how you can serve Me, Beloveds? Will you not be for Me as I am for you?

Let Me ask you, Whither thou goest?