Golden Light

God said:

Your eyes are like starlight. Wherever your eyelight lands, you sparkle it. You leave a trace of yourself. Your look is more than a surface physical motion that leaves no evidence. Your look is light strewn upon what it looks at. May your attention, as revealed in the light of your eyes, be a blessing upon all that it touches.

Look upon all that you see today as if you are seeing for the first time. Consider your eyes the finishing touch on a painting. Your eyes paint a final wash on what the viewer before you has seen. Your eyes clean it. Your eyes purify it. Your eyes put a light on what the Artist has made.

I am the Artist of the Universe. Shine light on My creation. Never mind what someone else does. You are the shiner of My light.

Your eyes leave a tone of color. Your eyes paint over what has already been painted by others. Choose well the color your eyes display over the canvas of the universe. Brighten it, lighten it. Sweep flaws away with one lighted glance from you.

The sweep of your eye, no matter how fast or how casual, is not invisible. You may leave a covering so light that it seems invisible. Such transparency is light. It is glow. Glow is not invisible.

Your eyes cast something over the universe. Your eyes leave something.

Whatever you look at is thrilled to have your gaze. This includes the roses and the snow as well as all the tender beings who fall beneath the power of your eyelight.

Look well, for the light from your eyes is important. Your eyelight is important to the world. How you see matters very much. How you see matters more than how you speak. Attend to how your eyes point to the universe. Your vision paints a wash over the universe. Your eyes are awash upon the universe, and you transform its appearance or you leave it the same. Bring its true colors to the surface.

We are talking about eyes of love. Is there some reason why you cannot look at everything I put before you with the eyelight of love? Can you not look at your hands with eyes of love? Can you not look at the walls that surround you with eyes of love? Can you not look in the mirror with eyes of love for that which I have made as you? Can you not bless everything that falls into your awareness with a brush-stroke of the love that I give you?

You are not fraudulent to be in My image. You ARE in My image. And what do I do but uplight the universe? What do I ask but that you, the Human being made in My image, do the same?

When you emanate less than love, that's when you are fraudulent, and it is a fraud you perpetuate upon yourself.

You are made for love and naught else. All the else is but defrauding yourself and your gifts. You are gifted with love. You are not gifted with fear or disagreeableness. They may visit upon you, but they are not you and they are not yours to dispense. You are as I have made you. I made you a tremendous gift upon earth. Do not hesitate. Do not hesitate to be a conveyer of My love today. Let the glance from your eyes be the glance from Mine. Do My Will upon earth today. Paint all you see as golden, for you are a golden light that shines upon all the other golden light of Mine that shines.