Like Golden Leaves

God said:

All the worry you do for others is to keep your attention off your fears for yourself. Extricate yourself from worry for others. Not that you need to worry about yourself either, but you can focus your attention rather than divert it. You will admit that you go in many directions, won't you?

You blame the fast pace of the modern world. But the world is doing the same as you. It avoids. It delves widely into the surface so it can avoid looking deeply within for fear of what it may find there. The attention of the world scrambles. It leaps from event to event, geography to geography, anything but to settle.

You try to prioritize and sort the categories of your life, but then you spend your life sorting. Perhaps life is unsortable. Once you get it in place, it moves, and you are never finished with organizing your immaculate life.

Try then to unsort your life. Throw it up in the air and catch what lands. Be new to your life. Observe its wonder. Notice that you are not restricted by all the incoming and outgoing affairs of your life. You belong everywhere, and there is nowhere you cannot go.

You have imagination so that you will use it. Imagination is not to be put aside in favor of daily doldrums and details.

What is important is your heartedness towards life. Encourage yourself. Skate all you like on the surface of life, for you must at least do some of that, but venture further. You do not have to know the exact landing place. You do not have to land. You journey. More than a hiker in life, more than a trudger up the mountain, be an eagle who flies. Be eager to fly while your feet take steps.

Something wonderful is going to happen today, and it is your task to welcome it. Be ready for something wonderful, for it is ready for you. Something wonderful is jumping at the chance to be part of your life. This something wonderful may be dressed in clothes other than you would expect, but don't be disarmed. Great gifts are coming to you today. Keep your eyes open. Be agog at the wonders hurtling towards you. Truly they are yours. They will land at your feet, and you will look up in joy.

A message of love is on its way to you today. It is a great message. It has fallen from Heaven. As it falls, it breaks into pieces, and you only have to pick one piece up in order to have the whole message of love from Heaven today.

Any message you pick up is for you. It is yours. But you are also free to deliver it to others. Your giving it away takes nothing away from you. That is how, in truth, you make it yours.

You do not quite know the value of what you have until you share it. When you share it, then you see it.

Certainly this Heavenletter is one of the messages I have sent you today, but it is not the only one. There is no end to the messages of love I send, and all you have to do is to pick them up and let others know what you have found so that they, too, may enter the treasure hunt.

You are a treasure hunter, and you are one who leaves treasures in out of the way places for others to find. You are so rich with treasure that all you can do is scatter some along the way for others to pick up.

My love falls like golden leaves from Heaven, and you leave My golden leaves everywhere, like pages of a book left for the wind to carry and for someone, the right one, to find and see what My message for them is today. I wave My wand for the blessing of the world today, and you are My wand that I wave.

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I am so excited to see all

I am so excited to see all the avenues of the spoken word of God that is pouring out in the world today. Once we understand that every word we speak with Love is the word of God, we will be more open and receptive to listen and share with one another.