To What Does Your Awareness Turn?

God said:

Heaven is not a respite from worldly care. Heaven is the main thing. Worldly care is a minor interlude, but you have made it the main event. Turn your vision one slight degree higher, and you will see what I mean.

Consider the world like a snowfall. Snow falls to the ground and is the main topic of conversation and attention for a while. And then it melts. And then it is as if it had never been.

And the ground will melt too. And all that which is upon the ground will melt. It will vanish, but Heaven will remain, and you will also remain. All will vanish but you and I. Heaven is merely a name for the Oneness of you and Me, and We can never vanish. Try as you may, you cannot disappear, for you exist in My eyes.

That which is not physical cannot vanish. Unless something is physically seen, how can it vanish? The unphysical never existed physically as such and, therefore, was never physically seen in the physical dimension. Only that which is physically-seen can vanish from view. Immortality is not made of the physical. Immortality exists outside that framework of illusion of time and space.

But the unseen effervescence of you can be known, however. And you do know it. You know exactly what I mean.

Sometimes you are like a budding iris that tries to burst through the frozen ground. The ground is frozen only for a little while. The ground softens, and then the bud blossoms forth, and a flower stands in its full ardor. Even before the flower bloomed into its fullness, the sun's rays reached it as it was reaching for the sun. Before the sun's gaze on the budding iris is seen brightly, the iris is nevertheless an iris. Unbloomed, it still is all there in its magnificence. All the time, before and after its blooming, it is an iris. It had only to reveal itself. The unblossomed iris is nevertheless an iris, only bowed down and rolled up within itself. All of its iris-ness is intact. There never was a moment when it was not.

You are a seed creature, created by Me. I did not create you temporarily. I know not of temporary. I know of eternity. I do not create cast-offs. I do not create disposable. You are indisputably Mine, and, therefore, you are Mine forever. There is no end to My love for you.

An iris flower does not have to exist in your hand for you to know its beauty and sweetness. Nor do you have to look at a picture of it in order to call the iris to you. You know the essence of iris, and you can recall it any time your attention goes there. Right now your consciousness has swept up iris-hood. The essence of iris is always there for you any moment you desire it.

You can also recall your divinity the same way. Just as you recall the essence of iris, you can recall the essence of Your Creator and My resident being that is fully resurgent within you.

And so you constantly create the world around you by your recognition of it, by your thought of it, by aligning your resonant recollection with it. You compound it. You create it in your awareness.

Notice your resonance with Me, and you will resonate more with Me. Our resonance is an immortal given. Your attention brings Me up to your awareness. I am always here. Only your awareness is not always here. Return your awareness, for I am here, waiting for you, ready to be joined by your recollection of Me. To what does your awareness turn?