God said:

Decisions. You think that decisions are a huge undertaking, but decisions are merely choices you make. Even life and death decisions are not life and death. Decisions hang in the air, and you pull one down. You can never know all the intricacies. You cannot follow the course of the decision back to its origination, nor can you follow it to its outermost conclusion. You don't need to invest so much in decisions.

Your decisions are little things. They are not so big as you make them. Your whole life is not held in the balance of any decision you make, so-called right or so-called wrong.

Just as which outfit you choose to wear today — upon what greatness does that decision lie? Of what moment is it? What course of your life will change because of a decision you make?

Do you make decisions anyway, or are they foregone conclusions? Is something decided and then you notice what has already been decided and call that your decision? Perhaps your decision was to notice what was already bought and paid for.

Do you really choose the person you marry? Is that really a conscious decision, or are all kinds of subterranean things going on? Did you choose, or were you chosen?

You cannot know the bases for all the decisions you make. And yet they are not toss-ups.

You can relax about decisions. They have been crises for you all your life. You are cautious about some, and rash about others, and you don't know which is which or what is what. Which turn in the road you take makes all the difference in the world, and yet it makes no difference at all.

Decisions are momentous when you think that you have entered a contest. Life is not a contest. It is a playing-out of a game.

You are like an inchworm who moves itself another inch. In the long haul, it matters not so much which inch you move along in.

Sometimes your life seems to be paint spills. They are spattered where they may. How random-seeming!

You are an embroidery cloth you embroider. You wonder sometimes if you could pull out some of the threads you have made and go back to an earlier point and turn the needle differently — what then would ensue? What picture would you have created with a different twist of thread? What holes would you have emptied? And what new marks would you have made?

But, remember, it does not move you forward to follow the threads of the past.

Decisions are just a stitch you make in time and space. They don't have so much to do with you as you think.

Do not regret decisions. You made them in good faith. Do not belabor your decisions. They are really not jumping-off places. They are little turns in the road. You are going to weave and wend your life no matter what decisions you make or think you make or don't make!

What decision faces you now? Or do you face it? How much does it weigh?

Remember that you are not the wielder of life and death. I am. You sail a boat in life that I made, and you sail it upon waves. The waves take you places, and some you circumvent. Do not think so much about repercussions of the oars you paddle. You can only paddle. Your decisions are made blindly, no matter how much research and soul-searching you do.

The hardest decisions for you to make are those between heart and mind, most especially when you are of two minds and two hearts. So then, how do you follow your heart?

Deliver your heart to Me, and I will help you.

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Decisions indeed..........

Truly, we do make our decisions with a certain level of blindness. I've realized that the endless research, flip-flopping, flop-flipping, and unsurety add a game-show element to life.

Spin the wheel of logic and instinct, and see what's behind Door #1...........