God said:

Decisions. You think that decisions are a huge undertaking, but decisions are merely choices you make. Even life and death decisions are not life and death. Decisions hang in the air, and you pull one down. You can never know all the intricacies. You cannot follow the course of the decision back to its origination, nor can you follow it to its outermost conclusion. You don't need to invest so much in decisions.

Your decisions are little things. They are not so big as you make them. Your whole life is not held in the balance of any decision you make, so-called right or so-called wrong.

Seek the Sun

God said:

Yes, you want to be one-pointed in life. You want to have a dream to follow. You do want to be purposeful. You want to have something in mind, some decision you make as to where you want to go. Perhaps even unconsciously you desire to excel in something, perhaps to uplift the world. This is a very achievable goal, beloveds. In any case, you are not ambling and wandering as much as you may think. You are the one who decides which turn in the road you will take.

To be one-pointed does not mean that you are not to consider other possibilities.

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