God Tells the Story of Your Life

God said:

Your question must always be, not what someone has done and done to you, but what are you yourself thinking and what direction are you moving toward now regardless of what anyone has said or what has happened.

Imagine if Christ had listed all the intrusions and offenses and culpabilities of those who were opposed to him! He would not be Christ. If he had shifted his energy and attention to the past, he would have wasted his energy and attention. What a waste that would have been. It is not even possible to imagine Christ's wasting his thoughts on what was wrong. It is impossible to imagine Christ's digging a pit for himself from which he could not get out. Can you possibly imagine that he would have responded with recriminations? That he would have spent his voice and heart on wrongs? Can you imagine that he or any of the Great Ones would have allowed their attention to be on the mundane when their attention could be on the God of their hearts?

The Great Ones always knew what to do. They knew what to do about anything and everything. They knew because they were very simple and did not propound reasons to do otherwise. They had one answer and one thought and one alternative, and that was to turn their attention to Me, and what they knew with certainty was My Will. They knew to get out of circumstance and into Truth. They knew I was with them even when the world did not know, and so the hearts and minds of the Great Ones were with Me. They knew their entwinement with Me.

To turn the other cheek means to rise above. How could one with the consciousness of the Great Ones possibly have moiled things over and over? The consciousness of the Great Ones would not allow them to sink into base thoughts and emotions. In the same way, if a bell is tuned to one sound, that is the one sound the bell will peal. You could know that a lower note cannot come from that bell.

The Great One's hearts were attuned to Mine, and in that way, they were stuck on one note. Of course, it was the most beautiful note of all. Without question, it was.

I do know you are not there yet. You are not yet attuned to that note, and you cannot pretend you are, nor do I want you to pretend. Yet your attention can go to what is higher just the same. You can raise your sights. You can, even in the midst of furor, remind yourself that there is a more desirable place where your attention can go. And you can know that when your attention comes to Me, you will be lifting yourself out of the mud of past thinking. You can remind yourself that there is a sun that shines and you will be reminded that there is more to life than resenting someone else's frailty.

I do know you would rather add goodness to the pile of your thoughts. I do know you would rather be in the light than in darkness.

You can remind yourself that you can be a Great One, and all it takes is turning your attention in a different direction, to the direction where I stand. Turn your attention to Me, beloveds, and you will join the Great Ones in love and in joy and in peace. Turn your attention to Me, beloveds. It is not so hard to do.

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God tells the story of your life

It seems that God reads our comments! This Heavenletter answers to our questions:
We are not like Christ (yet...); yet we try to follow his acts and words, it means, to accept to forgeve, 70x7 times (as He told to Peter).
I try to do that, yes, You know that I do it. But we know also that we have a strong battle to do before reach Him... My beloved Master...
But, You are right, I have been advised already to not feel like a victim, but someone who is in a mission here in Earth with my Brothers. So, if we turn our attention to God, we will feel always Love, and so will be stronger...
Thank you for yourLove!

Gosh yes....

Yes...to always turn my head and Heart to my Beloved father...regardless of how important i may think the world is. But in reality nothing on the Menu of Human Affairs can compare with the Menu of Heavenly Fares...wihich is way more soothing and Heartfelt and loving...yet...not of this world. So Fare thee well, beloved Child and know and feel that you are so, so loved regardless of what your mind may say...yet your Heart knows for sure! Loving and blessing you always, Jimi.

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Turn your attention to Me
In love joy and peace

God said in that way
Was the most beautiful note
The sound of One love

God said rise above
Means to turn the other cheek
Turn to where I stand

Love, Light and Aloha!

Forget the past or look at it ?

Thank you for the wonderful inspiration Gloria. I needed to hear it. Been looking back a lot lately and wanting to recitfy the past, wanting restitution, BUt sometimes you need to look at the past to clean it out, especially when you've forgotten much of it, just like cleaning out a wound before you put a bandaid on it. So what do you think of that?

What I think, beloved Sasha,

What I think, beloved Sasha, doesn't matter. I know we do the best we can, and to let go of the past is a freeing thing to do. Even to have the intention to let go rather than to hold on can be freeing. Psychology may say to live it all over again so we can release it. I don't know about that. That almost seems like an indulgence to me.

I remember in The Yearling by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, a book my classes read in junior high school, Jody, the young boy, loved his deer Flag with all his heart. Jody had rescued Flag as a newborn when Flag's mother had been killed. And now Flag was eating their crops which the family had to have to survive. It wasn't easy for the father either, but he had to shoot his son's beloved Flag. Jody went through heavy trauma, ran away and so forth. When he returned, his wise father said something like this to him:

"We all have our hurts. We just have to take them as our share and move on."

Heaven's Letter #2793

Gloria, and God, thank you for this one, it comes at a time, I'm getting back from a challenging week, I was one of the promoters at this years large rock fest in Oklahoma called ROCKLAHOMA, I had one of two a 2nd stages down there that was helping more unknown talent become more known talent to a large audience attending for the main stage artists playing the event.

My deal was with the festival itself, and there was much promised and much of it was delivered but many details lost in the shuffle, it was a big event, but for the time spent, seemed to be somewhat poorly organized. Some of this ultimately reflected on myself and my partners that were doing our best to make a good situation for our artists. It was a 5 day event, with many well known artists on the main stage, and a very tightly run schedule, that sometimes because of the rains and the weather left some artists out of the show on the two side stages.

Unfortunately on Saturday, we had such a violent rainstorm / thunderstorm with 60 mph strait line winds where we could see the horizontal rain that came in and toppled both our 60'x80' side stages, it was a miracle no one was seriously hurt, only one person got a large bruised bone on her arm from the lighting trussing coming down and knocking over some road cases that fell on her. WE WERE VERY BLESSED not to have any one killed.

Someone showed me a Doppler radar image of the storm afterwards, and while it is a possibility that it was doctored up, I believe it to be the real deal..... at the eye of the storm was Rocklahoma the 465 acres of an amazingly large festival grounds, and above it the violent storm was in Red, the red sections were in a PERFECTLY formed cross. I was stunned when I saw this image on one of the festival organizers phone. The eye of the storm was directly in the middle of the 4 angles of the cross, this was most definitely a storm sent by God for some reason. I'm thankful that he protected us and made sure no one was hurt, I'm thankful the storm hit when the main stage (with a permanent structure, solid and secure) was playing Trixter, and neither of the side stages were running. I'm looking for answers as to what his message was there for us still.

In the wake of the storm, we rallied the crews and were able to get 90% of the bands from the rest of that day, and the last day on Sunday to play on three small stages that we set up Sunday morning in 3 large beer tents. Sadly a couple of artists, could not play because of flight schedules out early on Sunday, but all in all we rose above the problems and the mud and lived to rock another day. The fans seem to appreciate the tents, because the sun was incredibly hot on Sunday over 100 degrees and it seemed that the sets were actually better attended in the tents during the day than the huge side stages we had been using.

It's rock and roll, I learned a lot about what we did wrong on this deal, and will endeavor to do things differently next year.
I thank God for his mercy and hope for clarity of the message I know I was meant to receive from this. I love you all!

Lance King

Here are some pictures of the side stages after the storm

Wow! I wonder if God's


I wonder if God's message wasn't something like this: "Well, Lance, you can rise above anything. You and your team can rally together regardless of circumstances. It is time for you to recognize how amazing you are. The message of the cross I leave to you and Gloria."

My personal interpretation of the red cross was a sign to you that you are serving humanity and that God is and that many blessings are on their way to you. The storm and all were blessings for you and others. Better that the strong winds affected ROCKLAHOMA than somewhere else.

You are a hero, Lance.


Very Precious Shape shifter Lance:

Now you know what it's like to be in God's Super Duper Particle Exellerator.
We know one thing for sure; it gets you to the speed of LIGHT in a hurry and obviously, from the photos of the event, and the many comments, you were under the smothering blanket of HIS grace and protection.
Your comment about the cross expressing its living presence in the doppler made me drool with envy. To see this sort of divine expression with your own eyes is a life altering activity. You are so blessed!
The "many details lost in the shuffle" was overseen by the cross and what may have seemed like an over-sight on your part was actually an undergirding on the part of the Majestic, wonderful, Divine TRICKSTER who moves us to HIS rhythm, not ours. Of course, our feet miss one or two steps as we step on HIS toes, but HIS smile is like a sunstroke to our EGO.
Let the MELODY of HIS love override the chorus, off stage, chanting in your unconscious all the the assumed errors of location, timing and that sort of thing. Get lost in HIS music of joyous LIVING experience, The likes of which always produce growth, fruit and above all else, CHANGE. You did a fantastic job and the CROSS proves it.
The cross goes back hundreds of centuries before our Christian era. It has always symbolized the divine reaching down to the horizontal beingness of people who struggle daily with simply existing. Pythagorus wore a cross on his chest six hundred years before the ONE wore a cross on His back.
The red cross took it to display mercy, The trucks who hauled my wounded buddies from the blood drenched fields of Iwo Jima, so many years ago, carried the Red Cross as a sign of help and mercy and HOPE. Now you write it in a way that plainly expresses divine guidance and protection over an event that you helped promote and you will continue to promote many events that will qualify as shape shifting, particle excellerating events that move human consciousness into the higher realms of real listening to HEAR the deeper rhythms of LIFE. I commend you


Oh, what an amazing response

Oh, what an amazing response from you, dear George. I am blown away by the comments posted on this forum.

Oh what an amazing response and that sort of stuff

Sweetest nameless, unmentionable:
You really think I write this stuff that dribbles through my fingers as though God was scratching an itch. Your love words bite me in a place I can't scratch so I think of it as a divine tickle. God told me your pass word. L.O.V.E. WHAT and itch! You're a bundle of life shaped like love.

I do know you would rather

I do know you would rather add goodness to the pile of your thoughts. I do know you would rather be in the light than in darkness.

I do know you are not there yet. You are not yet attuned to that note, and you cannot pretend you are, nor do I want you to pretend. Yet your attention can go to what is higher just the same. You can raise your sights

i like thse lines from heavenletters

Beloved Gauri, thank you so

Beloved Gauri, thank you so much for bringing these lines to our attention. I need to hear them again and again.

God Tells the Story of Your Life

"Imagine if Christ had listed all the intrusions and offenses and culpabilities of those who were opposed to him! He would not be Christ. If he had shifted his energy and attention to the past, he would have wasted his energy and attention. What a waste that would have been. It is not even possible to imagine Christ's wasting his thoughts on what was wrong."

Humanity for whatever reason likes to focus on the past and even functions from the past. How is humanity ever going to move forward if it keeps looking in the rear view mirror?

The most powerful moment is right Now and BEing in the Light of Love. Just as Christ did.

Ilumine Ao,
Al Diaz

Yes, looking in the rear

Yes, looking in the rear view mirror. So well put!

Incidentally, Heavenreaders, Al invited me to be on his radio show and tell about what it's like to communicate with God.

Thanks, Al.