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Gloria is on leave for a while


Gloria will be away from the computer and websites for while. Gloria's arm was recently injured in a gym accident and she will rest her body for a while to allow for the arm to heal.

With all the love from all of us, I'm sure it won't be long before Gloria is back online.

In the meantime, thank you all for keeping the forums and website soaring until her return.

Oceans of Love

Heaven Calendar for 2009

We are very interested too. Thank you all for thinking of thiis wonderful gift and creating it.

calendar and daily messages

I "stumbled" (you know how it is..) upon your website. Can't even remember where I was. I was on a search though.
I am so grateful I found you. At times the letters feel as though they speak directly to me, at other times, i feel the need to forward the letter to someone I know could use a boost.

I am not at all surprised at the number of subscribers. It is as if God opened the heavens and many looked in and wanted more.

People in general feel a shift in energy. They don't know why, but they want to be uplifted. I have a bowl of angel cards in my office, and even the directors are coming in and pulling a card, asking what they need for the day to learn.

Thankyou writing to God, and sharing your story.

I would love a calendar! How do I go about downloading it?

In love & light,