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Sneak Preview of Heaven Sutras

Friends, here is an preview of what we've been working on since December. It's a calendar print at home Ebook containing some of the "most" beautiful Heavenletter quotes. Would anyone like one?

Heaven Sutras Ecalendar

I sure would!

I sure would!

I would love to download the calendar

Can't wait to see it!!!!


I can't wait to get one!X

2009 Calendar

I AM very interested :)

2009 calendar

yes, I would be very interested in the 2009 calendar, and I appreciate the letters from Heaven every day in my mailbox.

Sutras Calendar

I would love to have one (or more) of these!

Absolutey Interested!

I would LOVE to have one of these printed out and on my wall by my desk here!!!!!!

I'd Love a Calendar

What a wonderful thing to share. I can't wait to receive the Calendar


This sounds interesting. Can't wait to see it.

Heaven Sutras

Sign me up, Please!

HeavenLetters 2009 Calendar

Thanks so much for HeavenLetters and for this offer to receive a calendar. I currently have a Franklin Covey daily calendar and would be interested to see how this would fit into that book. I'll look forward to hearing more about this.

Love & Peace,
Claire Struthers
Iowa friend who moved to Minneapolis.

free calendar

I would love one! I can't wait! God bless You andmay god smile upon You with loving eyes!

Heaven Letter Calendar

I most surely would love to have this calendar

YES, count me in! Looking

YES, count me in!
Looking forward to it,


Yes! Please send! Thanks


I am also waiting for the calendar! Thank you! Cristina

Yes please! :)

Count me in too!

Love & hugs to everyOne
Mary :)

2009 Calendar

Dear Gloria,
God Bless you for all your devotion and dedication. Please
include me on the list for the Heaven Sutras calendar. In
extreme gratitude.


I would dearly love to download the calendar. Thank you x

Heaven Sutras

Another gift???!! It is really a very good new year! Thank you Gloria!

Yes dear heart, I am

Yes dear heart, I am interested.
Much love and many blessings.

Thank you all for wanting

Thank you all for wanting the Heaven Sutra Calendar Book!
For those of you who so kindly thanked me, please know that the Calendar books are available because of all the hard work that Heaven Admin did.

He helped pick out quotations. All of the people who post their comments about Heavenletters on the forum also provided many of the quotations selected. I had the time of life choosing quotations. That wasn't work!

Also, the whole idea was Bernie Siegel's. For years he urged me to make a calendar book of short quotations. It took me long enough to finally hear!

Heaven Admin did all the technical and repetitive work. He even proofed.

Dear Heaven Admin, how do we get to see and download the Calendar Book!



Update on Heaven Sutras, printer friendly calendar

I'll be sending out a special broadcast email to all subscribers about the calendar. The few final adjustments to the calendar should be ready today.

One Love

2009 Calendar

Please add me to the list.

I look forward with

I look forward with anticipation to the calendar. Thank you for this free service!! I, like many of your readers, take the letters so personally. They brighten my days.

Update on the Heaven Sutras and download information

Dear most enthusiastic friends,

Here: is where Heaven Sutras may be downloaded from. Thank you all for your patience and support.

Oceans of Love

Broadcast Email

The email is on its way out as I type this. Have fun tomorrow making your calendars! Remember to post pics please!

One Love

How about

How about tonight?!!!

Imagine my delight when you have also provided a random quote as well, something like the Cosmic Wow Generator. I love this.

All that you do for Heavenletters -- how can we begin to thank you, Senor?

Thank God!

Thank God :)

Direct download links for Heaven Sutras 2009 Calendar

The 2009 Heaven Sutras Calendar links are now posted on their own download page on the Heavenletter website. Enjoy and share.

Thank you so much, Heaven

Thank you so much, Heaven Admin! And thanking God every day for your presence.

Heaven Sutras

Hello dear Gloria & Santhan & everyOne!

I have a little gift for you.
I have created a short inspirational video to help promote the beautiful Heaven Sutras Calendar.
You can find it here on YouTube...
or if you prefer, you can view it with a larger screen, on a hidden page within my site...
(Gloria you can take this second link out if you feel it is not appropriate, it's just that it offers a larger viewing screen)

Love & hugs
Mary :)

Awesome vid. Mary! The name

Awesome vid. Mary! The name you selected for the video will be very popular. I notice many folk searching for "inspirational" videos on Youtube. This is exactly the type of community collaboration that will help get Heavenletters further out there. Thank you SO MUCH. Catchy music too! What type of instrument is that anyway? A type of piano or organ?

Oceans of Love

Aw Bless you Santhan ~ thank

Aw Bless you Santhan ~ thank you so very much!
I thoroughly enjoyed making it and I am so pleased that you liked it!

As for the instrument, well I have to be honest and say that I can't remember without going and having a look at the original recording. I compose on a keyboard in piano mode, then change the sounds later. Off the top of my head, I think it may have had a harp in there somewhere! :)

It's interesting that you noticed people searching for 'Inspirational Videos' 'cause do you know that there isn't a category for inspiartional things? There are loads of people making inspirational videos these days, but there's no category on YouTube for them. I tried to email them to suggest that they create one, but after hours of searching various contact links & forms without success, I eventually gave up!

Anyway, I hope it brings HL lots more visitors!

Love & hugs
Mary :)

Mary, you outdid yourself!

Mary, you outdid yourself! I was bowled over by this presentation. You made each beautiful quotation a jewel, and each quotation flowed from one to the other.

Marvelous presentation, and it was so lovely of you to think of it and do it!

With love and blessings,


Dear Mary, this presentation

Dear Mary,
this presentation is beautiful beyond words. It stirs and warms the heart chakra. Thank you for this Love Letter!

In loving gratitude,
Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Beloved Paula, Thank you so

Beloved Paula,

Thank you so much for your lovely note. I am overjoyed to know that it touched your heart.
This is indeed a wondrous place to 'joy' is it not! :)
(I don't 'work' anymore ~ I spend all of my days 'joying'! :)

Love & hugs
Mary :)

Beloved Gloria ~ I am so

Beloved Gloria ~ I am so pleased that you liked it!
It kind of made itself really! :)
I just sat at my puter and away We went ~ a bit like your god-writing really! ;)
Don't you just love working for God!!! :)

Lots of love
Mary :)

Dearest Mary, I love this

Dearest Mary,

I love this video, it really touches my heart, it soooooo beautiful !! You are wonderful, really wonderful.

I have posted the video on my facebook page as I do with Heavenletters, hope that this amazing video will touch many many more hearts !!!!

Thank you Mary, sweetest blessing !!

Thank you so much Beloved

Thank you so much Beloved Berit, for your lovely comments, both here, and also on YouTube, and thanks also for posting it on your facebook page. I too, hope that it touches many more hearts.

All thanks goes to God for the original material, and to all of His/Her wondrous children, here at HL: Gloria, Santhan, the people who post here, and many others behind the scenes, who silently help in all manner of ways. Each played a part in producing the calendar, and subsequently the video, in one way or another.

I am just one link in a wondrous golden chain of Light ~ and so happy to be so!

In love & gratitude to One & All

Mary :)

Mary, you say it so well. We

Mary, you say it so well. We are all links!

Loving you,