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Since Heaven News is coming out about once a month now, I'm going to start using this on the forum to announce things when it is more timely. For instance, the Heaven News that will go out soon speaks of the June issue of and what it contains.

And now the July issue of PLW has already come out, and I can just talk more conversationally about it here.

There are two columnists in this issue. They are Heavenletters and also a column by Allan Cohen, well-known author:

Here is the introduction to them:

HEAVENLETTERS - July 07 - by Gloria Wendroff

"There is always a point of no return. This is a good thing. You cannot turn back the imaginary clock. You cannot resurrect the dead as they were, as you were, as you once thought you were, they were, life was. There is solely to be. And you do that irrespective of where your body is placed..."


"For nearly twenty years, I have been patronizing a small video store on a country road near my home. Over the years I got to know the proprietor, an amiable, otherwise-retired chap named Don. Don and I regularly schmoozed over the counter about movies, our families, our dogs, and philosophies of life..."

Allan Cohen's article is personable, wonderful, and touching. It is excellent.

And, well, a Heavenletter is a Heavenletter, and incomparable.

What makes some writings and writers so well-known and others not so well-known? I wonder what Allan did to have his writing read by millions. His writing deserves his readership, and yet I do ask myself, "Well, why isn't Heavenletters this well-known? Why isn't Heaven's book on the New York Times' best seller list?"

I know it's not a question of merit. I know that Mojah Media and Khanyi Media are working towards making Heavenletters a household word. I know it's God's desire that as many people as possible as quickly as possible know His words in Heavenletters. What is the missing ingredient?

I am grateful for every single Heavenreader. I wouldn't trade you for a million other readers, but why not another million readers like you?

What are your ideas of what we can do? Or is it not on the level of doing at all. So, then, what are your ideas?

With love and blessings,


Berit, Margod-Greece, Markw,

Berit, Margod-Greece, Markw, Paula, at1ment -- EVERYONE -- I'm awaiting your comments.
Maybe you have some good ideas for us?

Another great E-zine has just started, and in its premier issue it includes Heavenletters and generously will every issue.

I will tell you more about Cosmic Lighthouse Metaphysics Ezine in a minute.

With love and blessings,


I haven't seen that post!

I haven't seen that post! How have I missed that?

You know what, Mrs Gloria? I had the same question with you! WHY Heavenletters aren't in the NY Best Sellers' List? There's no missing ingredient! God forbid! I guess that the time is not right yet. 2008 is probably the year for the sales lift-up.

What we need here is a lot of intention and prayer (spiritual part) and a lot of promotion (material part).

-Local radio stations is a good idea for advertisements but we need funds. How about getting in contact with other famous "channelers" like the Hicks and ask them what they did to raise funds and win publicity?
-Maybe there are foundations and wealthy people willing to make donations for all the advertisement expenses.
-The public relations network would help a lot. People with tv shows or columns or spiritual websites would like to offer time and space for Heavenletters or host a Gloria's interview.

We need a way to reach the masses. We need a way to reach the media. A lot of phone-calls have to be made. There are rich people willing to fund such a divine cause. The funds collected will buy time on tv and radio shows and will "convince" bookstore owners to host Gloria for a book presentation.

That's all the ideas I could come up with! I know they're not very ground-breaking but I couldn't think of something better!



Maria, you have great

Maria, you have great ideas!

Maybe just our thoughts will bring Heavenletters to the forefront!

Gloria Angel, I did have a

Gloria Angel, I did have a look, but really in a hurry. I wanted to have a good look at this here and new one Chee and Lee E-zine without being in a hurry. Hope to do it this week end. Will write you asap dear, for these and another idea I had.
Love and blessings to you !

Looking forward, dear Berit,

Looking forward, dear Berit, to what you have to say!

Dearest Gloria, We can do a

Dearest Gloria,

We can do a lot to bring Heavenletters to the forefront in every section of our life. First of, what is Heavenletters?

Heavenletters to me is for every living human.
It goes beyond religion.
It is a daily healing message from God.
It is an amazing motivating and inspiring word from God.
Heavenletters is the language our spiritual self understands without any argument.
Heavenletters is a daily guide from God, where God tells you what Is, not what you think should be.
Heavenletters, letter that is love, that teaches love, that remind us about who we are "love",
Heavenletters, a message from God that helps you stay focus in business and in your professional life, in relationship and all we do.

Knowing all that Heaveletters is should help everyone of us to brign it to the forefront. A lot of marketing has been done for other projects, but Heavenletters is not just another project.

It is a message that comes to you when you're ready to recieve it. I know Heavenletters worth more than just being a Bestseller anywhere, we just need to have the intention for it to reach at least ten thousand people everyday, and for the book to sell at least 50,000 copies everyday.

Now it is done, you might say but how. Lets do our part and leave the rest.

I have started posting Heavenletters daily at a forum that is targeted to my country people Nigeria, the website is , I post it at the religion area of the forum, and some times I post it at the business area, depending on what the content is, and where I feel it should be posted.

Heaveletters will have a huge presence in my website

You will also note that I have a new book coming up soon, this book is inspired by Heavenletters.

In fact most of the books' content is from Heavelnetters, the book I believe will also help to promote Heavenletters.

You will get to see, feel and know the other side of Heavenletters from by new book. I showed how love can help you in business, relationship, health, wealth, and Joy of life.

The bottom line is our collective intension to see love glow brighter in this whole world. Remember Dear One, it will all start from us.

I will come up with more Ideas as they come.

with gratitude and Blessing.


Beloved Ekene, You have

Beloved Ekene,

You have marvelous ideas, and you are such a doer. Heavenletters are in good hands with you. Nigeria will become a leader because of you.

I think you are just right, Ekene. Our intention is the way.

I could quote your whole message, but I will quote only one line that stands out for me:

"The bottom line is our collective intention to see love glow brighter in this whole world. Remember, Dear One, it will all start from us."

In line with this, I spoke to a dear friend last night. She suggested that I think of everyone in the Middle East, for instance, receiving a Heavenletter. Or everyone anywhere in the world. Or everyone in the whole world.

The picture I get when I do this is like on the computer, when you are copying a lot, or doing something like that, and all these tiny little boxes keep going from one place to another, one after the other.

Yes, I think we will fill up the world with Heavenletters on the subtle levels.

God bless you, Ekene.

With love,