Get Closer to the Vastness

God said:

Love is the only way, beloveds. As I say this, I believe that you and I may not have the same definition of love. I certainly don't mean love sweety-sweet. I don't mean that love has to look a certain way. I don't mean that love always gets you the immediate result you want. It's not that you predicate love and that you love FOR something in mind. It is that you love. You love for love's sake, for your sake, and for Mine.

I go so far as to say that love is the only cure, and yet the love you give does not always seem to cure, certainly not soon enough, or even ever. What it absolutely does mean is that it cures you of less than loving, all those things that tie you up in knots.

Someone may declare war with you, yet, to your dismay, your love and desire do not stop the war and create peace. Yet, beloveds, when you give love from your heart, hate and anger no longer dominate, and you have more peace.

Bombs can be bursting, and still you can give love. You must give love, or you will have no peace.

At the same time, when it comes to love, love is not meant to be a technique. It is not meant to be a useful tool. It is not meant to be a means for you to gain whatever you want to gain, no matter how worthy it may be and how much you deserve it. Give love, yet not use love on others to change them. If love is to be named a technique, it is a technique to use to heal yourself. You do love yourself according to how you love your neighbor. It is really so simple, beloveds.

Love is not meant to be a love potion, like one you might buy at a pharmacist's or a magic store. Love is not a love potion guaranteed to make someone of your choice fall in love with you.

Love is something you give freely for its own sake. The guarantee that love gives is that, as you give love from your heart, your heart will have more love contained within it, and your heart will be happier.

And when you cannot find love in your heart for another, perhaps you can find a greater understanding. This does not mean that you make excuses for anyone. You don't, not for another, and not for yourself. It is not for you to make excuses for anyone. Making excuses is a waste of time, and it keeps you where you are. It keeps you shortsighted.

The Great Ones did not go around making excuses for anyone. They did not make excuses, because they did not sit in judgment. When you excuse someone, you may feel superior, and you are really saying: "Okay, they didn't do what I think is right or that anyone would think is right. Because I stand above them, I will be benevolent, and now, I, in my mind, apologize for them."

Excuses are readily available. When it comes to yourself, there is no gain in your justifying what you regret either. "I couldn't help it" may be true, yet all excuses are poor excuses, beloveds. Neither accuse nor excuse yourself. Get past excuses. Just keep moving forward in life.

Come to a greater plain before you where you can see further, where you can see beyond the grassy plain, where you can see more of the Vastness and get closer to it.

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I want to came to Your

I want to came to Your place, only then I will be able to love, now I cannot even fathom what love is. "Neither accuse nor excuse yourself...Just keep moving forward in life".

It can look like that, dear

It can look like that, dear Emilia, I very well know it can and does. But it's not true. For myself I found that not knowing love is temporary and only because love is covered by something else. "Only" isn't quite adequate, I know. When you can think of circumstances where you would be able to love, in God's place, that means that you knwo what love is, only you think the circumstances aren't right now for it to blossom.

I do not know about being very ill, and I do not know yet about being old and infirm, but I know about many other challenges to my ability to let love free and follow it – disappointment, resentment, hate, rage, fear etcetera. All those "covers", I feel, are very close relatives of love. They show, as God puts it, that we care deeply, and what could be closer to love than caring deeply? Besides, caring deeply has positive expressions as well: Caring for animals, caring for nature in general, caring for kindness in our human dealings ... decency ... consideration ... environment ... healthy and tasty food ... so many things that have deep meaning for us and all show that love must be there after all. Getting up and moving again after deep disheartenment, that's love even if you don't feel loving at all, even if despair seems final, even if it feels as if you are doing it for "mere" survival. Even behind the impulse toward mere survival is love. It appears we can't escape it. I cannot even fathom I cannot even fathom what love is.

Nor can I. This place is the ideal place to be. Here we are receptive to infinite possibilities.

Here are some possibilities to explore. Draw love. Sing love. Paint love. Drum love on the desk. Dance love. Hum love. Clang love with a fork and knife on the sink. Tap your feet to love.

Surely our interpretations to love in different forms will make us more aware of love yet still leave us in...

...unfathomable awe.

A magical place to be!

How beautiful just reading

How beautiful just reading your words. I feel the love.

Dearest Heaven Admin, this

Dearest Heaven Admin,

this wonderful Heavenletter dissolved my being into ONE LOVE and your amazing words make my heart miss a beat.

yes.... unfathomable awe !

much love

much things

This Letter told me much things.
First and the most important: how many times daily all the people in the world give love without know they do, how many times we speak about our loveless and, surprise!, instead we love so much without know we do? Why always do we think we aren't able enough? How many things are done with love? Are we sure we don't love enough?
What about things without love?
Are we sure when any thing we don't like heppen there isn't love?
How much love there is in the world?

It always be possible to get better, yes.

I certainly don't mean love sweety-sweet

Let begin to think we love, and more love wil come in our heart.

And now, with all my Love, the same yours. Pitta

Love's mystery

Love's got a hidden secret:
You can't do it, see it clearly, understand it with your mind.
Love is something you are when you see into life in a special way.
Love happens when you give yourself away to another without asking "how come?"
Love's funny; if you don't love you, you can't love others.
Love is sort of like God's gentle voice saying quietly in Life's game of hide and seek:
"I can see you!" and we learn to squeal with delight.
It's sort of like LIGHT.

George hiding behind the Tree of Life


"I can see YOU DEAR GEORGE !!

Love you

You Got me!

I'm caught and boy do I squeel! I always do when a sweet girl finds my hiding place.

George with hands over his eyes


Because of judgment, you decide you have to do more and become better.

From "What if You Had an Amaryllis?" HL tm 2410 - 07/2007


Dear God, I realize that the last sentence is where the Truth lies. To come to a greater
plain before you, where I can see more of the Vastness and get closer to it.

I am in an Extreme Place this morning. I am in a plain where I see what I don't like
about this self that I am. Not liking myself and feeling that some others don't brings
about a feeling of profound loneliness and being lost forever this day.

Perhaps today, from a seeming dark and unknowing place, I am profoundly open and
willing to see beyond the grassy plain, where I will be able to see more of the Vastness,
and feel closer to it. It still looks impossible today. But hope does spring eternally, as
someone has said, who never lost hope.

Dear mary moon, today you

Dear mary moon,

today you are not like always. Would you please give me a gift? A great gift?
Would you please try, only try - doesn't matter the result, to write a comment empty of joy, empty of faith, empty of hope, like only you are able to? Things around you won't change, but the vibration of this forum certanly will do, because you are the major happiness we have. Perhaps also your soul will feel better.
Please, dear, we all are with you.

Sweet Mary moon

A yogi student asked his master about the greatest sin.

The master said: "Your greatest sin is not being able to see that you are God."

Mary moon don't fret over the wrapping of the package you came in. Think about WHO sent it. The wrapping changes with time and eventually becomes very unimportant.

In the NOW you look just like you. Look in the mirror tonight and say: "I'm the glory of the Lord, changing into His very image from glory to glory." The only reason for feeling low is to show you how high you can get.

George loving you

Understanding love

We cannot fathom or understand love. I say this because isn’t understanding love the same as understanding God? Isn’t this trying to understand the limitless and the infinite? As things stand for us now, it can’t happen, we can’t wrap our minds around it sufficiently to satisfy ourselves. I think this makes us uncomfortable because we can easily conclude from this inability that we are not loving. As others have pointed out, above, this is a huge error.

I think we can know and experience love as a part of or an aspect of Love both intimately and deeply, but we must be wary of our expectations of how this should feel. I see this as the main import of this Heavenletter, the message that our distorted human ideas about what love is can create expectations that block our appreciation of ourselves and the other manifestations of Love.

Our journey is towards a greater awareness to “see more of the Vastness and get closer to it.” Until we get there, our minds will create distortion and this will create discomfort, but this discomfort should not lead us to be in doubt about our loving nature and our loving intent.

Journey toward Heaven

Chuck is like a kitten pulling a thread on a sweater. Soon part of the arm is unraveled.

If you read this carefully you will discover a beautiful mystery unravelling. I don't mean your arm falls off.

This draws back the curtain and we can see in or enter into the domain of knowing.

This is TRUTH made real. Thanks Chuck


Dear at my heart Chuck, you

Dear at my heart Chuck,

you are right, like always.
But let me reflect one moment, please. It is you who told me that things seem difficult if we think they are difficult, do you remember this? Yes I do, because your teachings had done much to me. If we think we have to do a long journey to reach awareness and so plunge in God' love; if we think untill the plunge we cannot understand the real mean of love...
Are we love? He said yes of course, we are make like He made us, that is love. Do we belive we are love? Do we belive we can show love anywhere? The answer is much important.
Last lesson I did learn (what lesson!) is that there is nothing to understand. How could a man understand what only heart can do? Our heart has 40.000 nervous cells; they form the heart-brain, for the science is our second brain. Voila! We have only to change brain!
We don't know by now where is the border-line between known-love and unknown-love. It could be we are already up there, why not? Perhaps it needs to belive it. Belive is by heart, doubt is by mind.
Could we simply live on Earth beliving we are expanding love and much more we are going to do? It would be relaxing. In relax there is more joy and more love. Get over our ego, get over our lack, don't tink about them or they become much strong. Don't put boundaries to what we could do. Don't put our attention on ourselves, much more of this, less of that, i don't know... Put the attention out of ourselves and see what can be see with our eyes, just the eyes God has made for Him. There is nothing special, only our eyes. Are exactly they, they are.
Can everyone of us say. "well, I love like I love and that's all. I think is enough by now" without feel himself guilty?

You are grounded and

You are grounded and sublime!

Yes, dear, you know whereof you speak.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said from your heart
Love for your sake and for Mine
It is so simple

God said Beloveds
When you give love from your heart
Then you have more peace

Love, Light and Aloha!