Get Closer to the Vastness

God said:

Love is the only way, beloveds. As I say this, I believe that you and I may not have the same definition of love. I certainly don't mean love sweety-sweet. I don't mean that love has to look a certain way. I don't mean that love always gets you the immediate result you want. It's not that you predicate love and that you love FOR something in mind. It is that you love. You love for love's sake, for your sake, and for Mine.

There Are No Limits to the Universe

God said:

Until you know the depths to which you can reach, you are a stranger to yourself. Until you can give and give love to all with joy, you are estranged from yourself. You don't begin to know Who you are and what you are capable of. Too many limits have been set on you, and you have set them on yourself as well. You have accepted limits hook, line, and sinker. You bought a poor bill of goods, beloveds.

The Vastness

God said:

Time does not exist. Because you think it does, you radiate your life around it. And so you become impatient or you become bored, all because of your concept of time. Time is an accepted concept and so you accept it as true and it becomes true to you. Undeniably true.

In the Vastness

God said:

Let Us take a breath today and not ponder anything. Let's just stroll through a park or a fairy garden or lie in a field or on a raft on a lake and look up at the sky. Let Us truly be at ease like on a lazy summer day, and not think and wonder at all. Let's just look up at the sky and feel its beauty and move into its Vastness and allow Ourselves to stay there. Let Us not wander further than Vastness. Let Us just enjoy Vastness and take it for Our own. Let Us do nothing today but loll about in love, loving where We are and Who We are and Everything.

In Vastness

God said:

Everything is easy for Me. Everything is easy in Vastness. It is in the smaller places of the Human mind that things come hard. Imagine for a moment that you do create everything you want. Then you would simply create it. It would arise from your heart. Consider what you would like to create, and then watch it happen before your very eyes, from your very heart. Ah, but, of course, We are not talking so much here about the surface things you want. Let's consider qualities.

Open Your Heart like Beating Wings

God said:

The ship you ride on is My heart.

Think of it.

My heart cannot be separated from My vision.

They are one and the same.

As you see, you are.

You encompass all you see.

See Me.

Enliven Me.

Light My path on earth.

Giants walk the earth, and they are you.

You are greatness encapsulated into a human form.

Find out Who you are.

See bigger.

Do not accept the limits of your human form.

That is what you have been doing.

No longer accept limits.

Unlimit yourself.

I put no limits on you.

I never did, and I don't now.

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