Full Knowingness

God said:

Today just sink into My love and protection. Feel the nourishment you receive. Feel the buoying of your heart. Feel the sap of life run through you.

Every morning, I bless you. Every evening. Every hour. Every second, you are being blessed by the Mighty Blessor of All. There is not a turn of the earth when I am not blessing you and succoring you and blessing Myself for having created you. The Potter's Wheel is good, and what the Potter makes is very good indeed.

Did you really think you made yourself? How shaky and haphazard that would be! You wouldn't even know how to finish, let alone begin. You probably would have started and then gone off and done something else and then come back and forgotten where you left off. Do you really think you could have done better?

Think of the beautiful instrument you are. Think of the joy I put into creating you. I created you wholeheartedly. You were not some fooling-around experiment. You were My Great Project, and I gave you everything I had. I made you with exquisite precision and thought. I outdid Myself with you. I should win a prize.

But, of course, you are My prize. What I created is My own tribute to Myself. I need no other award. I am well-pleased. I am more than well-pleased. I am thrilled at what I have wrought. Would that you could be this well-pleased with your Creator! Then you would be well-pleased with yourself.

If you truly knew who you are, you would know no fear. You would laugh at the idea of fear. You would know no loss. You wouldn't even grasp the concept. You would know nothing but the utter blazing light of love. You would know nothing but love and joy, and there would be nothing else to know. There would be nothing to run to nor to run from. You would sink to the very depths of the ocean of joy, and that would be the same as rising to the top. What could be the difference?

The idea of death would be absurd.

The idea of change would be laughable, for what a magic trick that is. If all that truly exists is the love and joy We share, then all this other is a story written upon the winds. The waves of the ocean do not change the ocean. There are ripples for a while, and then the waves settle down once again to the stillness of the ocean.

What is changed? How can what is eternal and immutable be changed? What possibly has the power to change it? And what could it change to!

You are a pool of Being, and Beingness is what you are. You can never not be. You can never be something else because there is not anything else to be.

All the beauty you see is yours. It is yourself you see.

When you see less than beauty, you are looking in a mirror that does not reflect truth. It is that simple. There are many mirrors to look through that are faulty. Because there are so many and they are so popular doesn't mean they are true or worthwhile. It just means there are many. A thousand untruths do not touch the One Truth. It may be distorted in the glass, but it is not altered.

What on earth could change Me?

You are the beautiful child of My love that I created with full Knowingness.

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Thank you!

Thank you!