Be Ready for Joy

God said:

You are on the verge of something wonderful. Can you feel it? You are so close to that which you have been seeking. It is fast approaching your awareness.

What is it you seek?

What is it you long for?

You crave conscious reunion with Me, your Creator.

You are hungry for Our intimacy. There is none like it.

How can My children have so much of Me and not notice? I appear before you while you wait for My Presence.

I am like the Uncle who arrives bearing gifts not once in a while but always. Somewhere along the line, you forgot to notice the Uncle and all the gifts He drops into your lap. You don't even see the gifts. You wonder why they have not arrived, for they had been promised to you. You weep for what is already right in front of you. An oversight of this magnitude is indeed something to cry over.

There is a treasure that you need to rediscover. You have held it secret from yourself, even while it's yours. In life, you may stumble on this treasure. You may dig for it. You may scramble for it. You may give up on it. It does not matter. The treasure will return to your awareness. That is inescapable. That which is already yours will make itself known, and your renewed heart will leap for joy on the planet Earth. Heaven will have stirred your heart. The gold mine you are sitting on is on high. The light from Heaven will show it to you.

The gold is heaped up. Your discovery is imminent.

Your treasure bursts at the seams. That is how joy will burst from you.

Joy can flow as well as tears. Joy can flow better because there is no end to joy. Tears can be measured in a cup. Joy cannot.

Joy is rightfully yours. Hold out your hands.

Sit in the silence of wonder and welcome joy.

In winter, snow harbors the flowers. Spring comes. Flowers bloom. In the midst of cold, blooms are pending. Inevitably there. Just waiting for the ground to warm.

Where do the seeds of joy and love mature? Where is their ground? Where are they as they prepare to bloom? When will the sun reach them?

In your heart, of course. In this mighty heart of yours, and very soon. Any second now. Your heart will embrace Heaven, and it will embrace earth, and love and joy from your heart will spring up, and earth will be dazzling bright. In that brightness, you will begin to see what has been so patiently waiting for you all along. Joy has been patiently standing like a row of servants, waiting for the lord or lady of the house to nod to them.

Or, you may call joy to you. A nod from you or the pulling of a bell, and the servants of joy hustle to your bidding.

Joy is like that. It rushes to you. How can you describe this inutterable joy? It cannot be described. But you can subscribe to it, this limitless joy. You can sign up for it. And then you can look for it, for it will arrive momentarily and again and again without interruption.

All joy is yours. Not just some joy. All joy. Listen for it. It is arriving now. You are going to have an onslaught of joy. Even if you have resigned yourself to non-joy, great joy awaits you. Run to meet it. Make it a welcome guest that you keep looking for. Go outside and look for joy in case it is down the street. In any case, soon enough, there will be a flood of joy at your door. Be ready. I hear it now.