Lighthouses of the Sea

God said:

Must you always worry about something?

If things are good, do you then worry if they will stay good, or how soon they will change and how forlorn you will then feel? Do you perhaps hesitate about your life getting so good because you visualize the boons being demolished by and by?

Life will change. But is it not possible that with change, rather than something being taken away, something wonderful will be added unto you? If you held this thought over the many other thoughts you hold, would you perhaps engender more treasure? There is no end to treasure.

Why must you see a rich gold mine coming to an end? Why must it turn into dust or coal? Do you really believe that that is a rule of life?

There is life and there is you. Be not laden with life. Life is not the maker of you. You hold life in your grip. It doesn't hold you.

You are not a rickety boat tossed about in the seas of life. You are a ship who forges a stream through the waves of the ocean. No matter the crests and troughs of the waves, you stream through them. You are not dependent upon the waves. There will always be ocean, and you shall always sail on them.

There is no end to you.

You are a valiant soul, seemingly plunked down in life, seemingly at the mercy of it. But you are at the mercy of yourself. You have to start betting on yourself.

I am your Mast, and I am your Compass, and I am your Map. All these are tattooed deep within you. You cannot get lost. You may think you can, but that is because you scout the periphery and forget about the Center. What is outside you is not more important than you. And that which is yours within cannot be removed.

You are not more nor less according to what goes on around you in any given moment. You cannot be more than you are, and you cannot be less. But you may well not have acknowledged your worth, so in that case, you certainly need to set a higher value on yourself and keep it close.

Hold yourself in good stead. The world may not be reliable, but you are.

Thick and thin is of the world, not of you. Your measurement is inviolate. The measure the world takes of you is sketchy. Not a true picture.

Your sense of self-worth is the key to your life. But do not think that we are talking esteem or ego. Esteem and ego do not come close to what you are.

The world does not keep you down. You keep yourself down. You don't even know what is up and what is down, you have so truncated yourself with the propaganda of the world. Do you really think clothes make the man? For a moment in the world they do, but, oh, if you had to be dependent in life upon a mere tailor, how shaky would life be indeed.

In life, it is necessary to lift your sights above the world. The world as it is known does not always help you to look high.

But people in the world do help you to know who you are, but you are not to be dependent upon them either. They are buoys in the ocean, and they are there for you, but not to cling to. They are little lighthouses that signal you and wish you well on your journey.

And you are a lighthouse for others as well.