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From Paola

I live in Milan, ITALY. One night a friend of mine sent me one of the English Heavenletters… I started searching for a possibility to find a translation of them, and after some trials I found the website with the Italian translation. I read some of the old letters and I saw the videos on youtube and I was filled with joy... I made my subscription and today I received the first wonderful Letter. A message to elaborate and meditate.. a message of love but also of sweet authoritativeness. A message to act ever “more seriously” in order not to waste time…

Thank you for being of SERVICE for the AWAKENING of the planet.
Thank you for the precious work you are doing...which has given me the opportunity to use a precious source of learning and conscious expansion (as I don't speak English).
Thanks to you and to Gloria, from my heart!

Thank you, Paola, for this

Thank you, Paola, for this beautiful expression of your heart. And thank you, Paula, Heavenletters' Italian translator who for ten years has been translating Heavenletters into Italian every day and who also translated Paola's email from Italian into English for us here on this forum.

What shall we do to make the Italian translations more well-known and easier to find? Are there Italian newsletters and web sites that might light to include them etc.

God bless us all.

Love, Gloria

Indeed, thanks Paula for the

Indeed, thanks Paula for the precious and wonderful work you are doing, I am so glad I can send Heavenletters to my italian friends, such a blessing.
And tons of love to Paola, I too live in Milan. biggest hugs !!


Re: Paola

Che notizie incoraggianti, belle.

Sandy, thank you so much for

Sandy, thank you so much for posting!