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Hi, my name is Dawie Steyn, I'm from Benoni, South Africa, I'm 44 years old and married with 2 kids, a boy of 12 and a girl of 11.

I have been searching for Truth the last 4 years and have finally figured it all out. It all started when I was doing a theology degree course and my lector asked me, Who are you? Every answer I gave he said No.

This was the beginning of a total new belief system for me. Now, almost 4 years later and many other books, authors, Internet courses, study material, websites etc etc I can truly reveal that I AM

I Am Consciousness, I am the seeker and the sought, I AM All of it. I am the Projector of the dream, the illusion, the hologram. I am love embodied even as I am not on earth in a body, it's all perception.

Years ago I learned that I put all of information in front of me at the right time for my learning, growth and Awakening. I am constantly evolving and there is not 1 day that goes by that does not teach me. Everyday is a day of growth, sometimes subtle, sometimes a big revelation. I am happy to be alive, to have loved ones and to experience Life everyday. This is my opportunity to serve. When I serve I express love and this has become my reason for being. Just sometimes I wish I had more resources to have a bigger impact on this world.

Thank you God for Life, my body, my family and all loved ones. Thank you for this opportunity to Serve