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Shane, I'm new, Going to translate HeavenLetters to Afrikaans

Hi Brothers and Sisters

I am new to the forum, but no so new to HeavenLetters.

I have been on a path full of experiences that was not of the light, but recently, I got these nudgings to return to the path of the light, and boy, am I glad I responded to those nudgings, else I would have missed out on the future that lies ahead of us. I have been informed that I am a Cherubim Angel in this incarnation, but I have amnesia. I desire to awaken soon and regain my memories and abilities.

I got this calling/nudging/thought in my mind to translate HeavenLetters into Afrikaans for South Africa. I will try to do this as often as possible.

I will be hosting the translations on my blog:
and an RSS feed will interface with Facebook:

If I don't forget, I will post to the forum as well, and to the subcription dept for other users that prefer to subscribe via

In Love and Light

Beloved Shane, God sends

Beloved Shane,

God sends angels! This time an amnesiac cherubim. I would say that amnesia is rampant!

Thank you so much for taking initiative with Heavenletters. I think your translating and linking are going to bring many new subscribers to Heavenletters.

So glad and grateful that you are here. A big resounding Welcome!

An especial thanks for posting here on the forum. Watch for responses, dear Shane!

With love and blessings,


Thank you Gloria, amnesia is

Thank you Gloria, amnesia is rampant for sure, but hopefully not for long :)

Dear Shane, welcome to the

Dear Shane, welcome to the translator forum.
South Africa is a fascinating, boiling country. This country has the most advanced Constitution in the world in terms of equality. Thanks to Nelson Mandela. And coming forth, thanks to Heavenletters in Afrikaans.

I love your country, Shane. I have been to Johannesburg, Pretoria and Soweto 3 years ago.
And I will have the opportunity to go again to Joburg and Cape Town at the end of August. Africa has an enormous potentiel and peace will bring out that potential. May Heavenletters contribute to that peace.

Again, our warmest welcome.


Hi Normand, South Africa is

Hi Normand, South Africa is termed the rainbow nation due to all the different races and cultures that call this country their home :-) Thank you for the welcome.


From Türkiye, greetings to South Africa!!!!
Welcome Shane, Welcome South Africa!!!
Welcome to the club!!!

I have been a Heaven translator for more than six years and meanwhile I experienced many positive changes in my life...They helped me to find my real dreams, follow them and make them true.

Welcome Shane
with love and greetings

Hi Engin, Thank you. I find

Hi Engin, Thank you. I find HeavenLetters are also changing the way I face the music, bringing me into alignment with God.

many opportunities

Dear Shane,

how many opportunities and interpretations are involved and to be revealed in amnesia.

from Germany,

Dear Shane, Welcome! I went

Dear Shane,

I went to your blog and being Dutch I could read most of what you write there.
Hope you will enjoy translating and stay with us for a very long time.

With love,

Hi Luus, Awesome, thank you

Hi Luus, Awesome, thank you for visiting the blog. I am encouraged that you could read most of what is there. The blog is not hard and fixed, I can make changes, therefore will review any changes anyone points out to me and make the necessary changes.

Hi Theophil, thank you. Each

Hi Theophil, thank you. Each day I find something new being revealed, knowing, we have known all our many incarnations. It will be awesome when this spiritual veil is removed from humanity.

A Warm Welcome

Dear Shane,

It's wonderful to know we have a new brother within our translators community. There's indeed rejoyce and excitement in Heaven for this great event. You sure know how nurturing and blissful is doing this work of love on behalf of all our brothers and sisters around the world. I've been a Spanish translator for quite sometime and the love that flows when reading and translating God's messages is amazing! What a great gift is spreading all these Heavenletters to those seeking for comfort, love and light.

Welcome, dear brother!!! Welcome. And if you ever need a helping "Wing", do not hesitate to ask. I'll be so glad to assist you.

Blessings and much love,


Hi Lourdes, thanks for the

Hi Lourdes, thanks for the welcome. Awesome to become part of this group. If I can bring one more soul back to God, by assisting them to read HeavenLetters in their own language, I will be blessed and filled with joy.

Dearest Shane,a most warm

Dearest Shane,

a most warm welcome to you dear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO GLAD you have found Heavenletters and it is wonderful that you will translate them into Afrikaans. it is such a blessing to have you here now dear. My heart knows you are an Cherubim Angel and I am simply overjoyed for your translating Heavenletters.
Biggest hugs and sweetest love to you from Italy.

Hi Berit, thank you so much,

Hi Berit, thank you so much, love to get all these greetings and welcomes from all over, makes the world seem small :-)

Beloved Shane, Isn't it

Beloved Shane,

Isn't it amazing how gods calling has reached so many people. It would be an honour to have you inboard Shane. you are a true Angel!

Love And Blessings,

Anna x

hey Anna Thank you. Everyday

hey Anna

Thank you. Everyday is a joy of experiences for me, that is what we are here for, to experience everything that can't be experienced in the spiritual domain. I'm busy learning to get rid of fear, you know, those little fears for this and that. Everything just is! And God tells us this in each HeavenLetters.

What I want to pass along is whilst translating into Afrikaans, I'm seeing things that one would sometimes miss by just doing a reading, and this in itself is the real blessing of HeavenLetters, the gems we sometimes overlook for some reason or another. :-)

In Love and Light

Very perceptive of you,

Very perceptive of you, beloved Shane.

Shane, you should see the things I miss on a first reading!!!

Let's get together

Hi Shane. Thank you for volunteering to do the translations into Afrikaans. I live in Benoni, my no so 082-7882286

I would like to meet.

Kind regards and happiness to you

Dawie, would you like to

Dawie, would you like to translate Heavenletters into Afrikaans?

Translating into Afrikaans

Hi Gloria, yes, I will give it a go

This is fantastic. Shane is

This is fantastic.

Shane is no longer translating. Find a Heavenletter that you really like a lot and see what it's like to translate a Heavenletter into your own language.
Now you will want to take a look at the Global Translators Circle:

Please tell us about your experience of translating on the Translator Global Circle, dear Dawie, how it feels to you. And will you kindly send your translation to me? We'll see about finding you a translating buddy, someone to help you know what to do once you are comfortable with translating.

I know someone in South Africa who knows Afrikaans well, will read it, and then we'll take it from there.

Welcome, dear Dawie.