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Writing In The Holy Spirit

Re-Defining Self

By Apostle Colleen Etana in Dawning of the New Age! Welcome all Lightworkers and Seekers of Truth!

How do you "define" yourself?

(Re-defining "self", today, lol.)

Question for the day: Do I belong in "hell", "prison", for ALL Eternity?

I think the answer is "free will".

Do I not "give and take away", being my own "editor", when I "add" a "word", or "delete" a "word", from my own "writing", every time I 'rewrite' a new 'revision', (vision, lol), of how I see things newly or how I want to express the Creator within me?

Is this not being a Seraphim when even I desire to protect God from any "negativeness" too? Singing my soul out, pouring it right back into Him? Singing to Him/Her, in my own way, a "master" of "Worship", in my own right? Which calms and soothes the "beast" within myself? Have I then, not just become "free", in this way, and "let" myself out of the "prison" of my own making?

Am I not a "Justice of the Peace", when that is my true desire to uphold the Law of the One that Created us ALL? Have I not passed sentence on myself first, setting this captive free? In order that I might "show" or "be" the Essence of His presence, right here, right now, at this very moment, when "time" exists no more as merely to help us "achieve" these same transformational, greatnesses, or higher "levels", a little at a "time", lol, that God wants for us ALL to enjoy together at all times, dimensions, universes everywhere, within or without, etc.?

Has not "fear" been the beginning of "wisdom"? Now interchange the word "fear" with the word "wisdom", and watch how that changes your whole perspection of what fear truly is. We could not have known wisdom first without fear first, so we could then know how to change ourselves from fear into wisdom, which is the simple Truth.

Have I not been a shepherd, pastor, teacher, student, evangelist, out of desperation for others to come to the Truth also, using any means necessary to gather us together, so we may be as One?

I think it's "time" to take down all "restraints", especially the ones we put upon ourselves. There will be no more need for fences, chains, prisons of any nature, such as electric lines, power plants, we don't need them anymore! That way pollution will just go away, hunger will just go away, sickness is just going away.

Have I not become/been/am, (past, present, future), a "murderer", if I have thought, continue to "think", about all the "killing" that goes on at all, in my mind and everywhere else, containing that within myself, instead of just letting it out and letting even the "ideas" go? Is that not the same thing as being a "bystander", just watching it go on? Not committing to the real cause, which is all of Humanity. Doesn't this make me a "Humanitarian" too?

Put it in your own words, sing to Him a new song, repetitions is kind of boring sometimes. Even God wants to have new "positive" experiences. He wants to know what we think!

Is He not the "Master Magician" of ALL? lol. A "Master Manipulator of the Cosmos"?

Have I not been a "thief", stealing from myself or others, to "take" what has already been "freely" GIVEN?

I would rather have "nothing", because it has taught me that I do already have "everything" I ever wanted, needed, desired, dreamt, about, wished for, hoped for, imagined, and I carry it all with me wherever I go. That's the "concept" of "taking it with you when you/we go, rofl!

Have I not become a "master thief" or "cat burglar", in that respect?

Have I not committed "adultery", by "desiring" something different whether it be man, woman, child, vegetable, fruit, or flower, if it belongs to another? When really and truly, it ALL belongs to us ALL.

Have I not broken every "Commandment" in order to understand the "lasting" effects and realize that I'm no different than anybody else, in that respect?

Am I not a "news reporter" if I report the news on my website? Am I not a "philosopher" if I "think" freely?

Am I not a "banker" if I have learned not to allow "money" to affect my "journey".

Am I not a "computer" genius, if I can "figure" out how to use Facebook? Ha ha ha.

Am I not a "theologian", if I don't "wonder" about Theology?

Am I not a "physician" if I have learned how to "heal" myself?

Am I not a "doctor", in that respect? No need for a piece of paper, or doctorate degree to understand these things and feel like I have to "prove" it to myself or others anymore.

Am I not a "prophet" of any "type", if I have "prophesied" myself into existence? Past, present, future, and "spoken" things in and out of "existence", to "arrive" at my own truths?

Am I not a "psychic" if I just "use" my mind?

Am I not a "health expert", if I am "healthy"?

Am I not a "fitness expert", if I am "fit"?

Am I not a "relationship" expert, if my own relationship with myself and God is true? Have I not become truth itself, in that respect? Ha ha ha, you're 'feelin' the love now, I "gather", lol.

Am I not a "leader" if I lead by example?

Am I not a "follower", that led to a leadership "position", in that respect also? Keep in "mind" or 'heart' that I know equality, I expect it.

Do I not yearn for equality and balance to be restored right now, with the rest of you?

Am I not already a highly successful "creative writer", of fiction, fact, science journals of all and any "science" or more simply, "study", reports, articles, advice columnist, whether I have been "published" in a "physical" sense anywhere?

I am a living, ongoing, autobiography, with a little bit of everything mixed in! Just what do you think Facebook is all about? We're already ALL "doing" it, many of "us", just haven't "realized" it yet, lol.

Am I not a "journalist", if I keep a journal?

Am I not a "master of disguise", to appear all things different to all, in order to restore order, or "balance"?

How could I relate to anything on any "level", if I hadn't already been there myself? No one would "hear" or "believe", the truth and be attracted by it's positive force, which is love, if it were not so.

It is not a "mistake", if it leads to the Truth.

I have "dissected" myself under the greatest "study or examination", microscope, of ALL! Creation and it's design. A master at the Master's Plan, ha ha ha. YES!

Have I not been "guilty" through self condemnation first of all?

Am I not a "guardian angel", when I am watching out for others?

Can I not "soar" on the "wings of Eagles", when I watch one fly?

Do I not know what it feels like to be a tree, and shelter another humankind, life form, or piece of "grass", under the branches, or "network" of the leaves I produce to "shade" them from the rain or sun storm going on within and outside of myself and others?

AM I not an "alien", if I am "set apart" from the rest of humankind for my "beliefs"?

Am I not a "true follower of the Christ Essence in everything", which has led me to the truth?

Am I not a "traveler" on a similar journey, when I have witnessed everyone's "journey" through their eyes, seen pictures of "far away" lands, etc? In that respect, have I not already been there too then?

Am I not a "servant", when I have worked as a waitress, hostess, cook, housecleaner, nursing home, caregiver, or worked in any capacity that "serves" others, (especially changing someone else's diapers), rofl?

Am I not "perfect", as long as I strive for "perfection"? Perfectly "flawed" by "uniqueness"? Not like a beautiful chunk of coal anymore, but have evolved into the many faceted diamond, shining my own special brilliance of my "personalities", that I've collected into the Collective Consciousness? The One Soul we all share together? I suppose that makes me a multiple personality, ha ha ha, then I suppose that it must be true.

Am I not a "master of communication", if I am able to see everything through another's perspective or perspectives? Trying on their clothes/ideas/perceptions/attitudes/beliefs/behaviors/shoes/costumes/makeup/

reality(s)/fantasies/etc., for size, to see what "feels" right to me? Isn't that "speaking" their language? Every language is the universal language of "love".

Am I not already, an Academy Award Winner if I have played every "role", by immersing myself in someone else's experiences 'first', then not acting but just "being" and "reacting" in complete honesty with my own "feelings"? Is my whole journey not being written in the Heavens, right now, being "recorded or videoed", as it "plays" out? If God sees everything and everything "hidden" will be "revealed", then what is there to "worry" about "hiding"?

Are we not "joy" itself, when we "laugh" at ourselves? How can anyone, angel or demon, take that away from you? Once you realize you "have" joy, it can never be stolen away by you, or anything else, ever again.

Are we not all just "acting" it all out in some kind of way? Until it becomes so real, that "acting" fades away into "being". Have I not already achieved the Greatness of the Father and Mother within me, and am just being the writer, director, actor, designer, makeup artist, etc., in my own movie? I can't "wait" til everybody sees it from start to finish, in the order I see it in, wow. I amaze myself, ha ha ha.

My eyes stay on God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, until I can "manifest" Heaven for myself, wherever I AM.