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Free to be...

Am I listening oh boy,
I am all ears, eyes
sore from the tears i cried all night
Grateful thankfull for every light
that was there in the
darkness for a while,
beyond all speech, beyond all reason
my world collapsed inwardly you see
all too much...
I could not walk another mile
so downcast, trodden was i
I felt my heart had been broken
not once but half a dozen..
I cried out to God take the pain
i really cannot stand the strain.
All this cold, damp rain
Is hurting my soul, mind and brain....
Just for fun take of your shoes have a run
in the grass and squidge your toes
untill they tickle,
feel the prickles
laugh and the world laughs
with you.. Cry and you cry alone...
Refrain was the answer... Just be still
Soon you will be able to walk over the hill
Find a tree to be be with me
to LOVE ME With all your heart, your soul, your mind
and you will find, I am kind.
Luv Karen

Dear Daisy: Thank you for

Dear Daisy: Thank you for your tender, heart-felt words. Jim(i)

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Sending lots of Love and

Sending lots of Love and rainbows your way Daisy!

Love Mary


Poet Daisy/Karen...feeler,

Poet Daisy/Karen...feeler, lover, of people, animals, nature, children, of life...we're blessed by you...blessing to you...Are You....we love you...and thank you, for your peace...knowing this as You...mike:)

Dearest Angel, all my love

Dearest Angel,

all my love to you, a sweet hug and many many thanks for sharing you heart with us !

Love you

Hi Berit thank you for your

Hi Berit thank you for your sweet kind comment . Much appreciated. Luv Karen



Hi Thank you one and each,

Hi Thank you one and each, for your gracious and kind comments..
I will be away for a number of months around March April for a while,
but hope to be back later in the year... will be notifying Mike and Berit for reasons of absence. Luv Karen