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Touch Me Softly

Touch me softly with Thy Love
Holy Spirit Holy Dove
All around Thy Face I see
All That Is, Is of Thee

And in the beauty of a flower
Eternity within each hour
Pastel shades of purest pink
As deeper in Thy Love I sink

Intoxicating fragrance pure
Heart and Soul with You I soar
Treasures of the earth revealed
In purity Thy Love concealed

Within each petal’s softest hue
Pure Essence Divine that is of You
Love abounds just everywhere
In silence sings a sacred prayer

Creation made by Father’s hand
Born in Mother’s fertile land
The womb of Earth doth open wide
Inviting Father’s Light inside

Merged within the warmth of Love
Sweet blossom opens to The Dove
Ecstasy in Love untold
Cosmic petals now unfold

Omnipresent Love Divine
As was as is in Love I shine
No past or future only now
Eternity in sacred vow


Thank you Mary...for

Thank you Mary...for allowing love to speak...through your words...through your all of our hearts. Blessed be Love...Thank you! Jim(i)

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Blessed be Love And Blessed

Blessed be Love
And Blessed be you
For thou art Love
Through and through

In Love, Joy, and gratitude