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Hello Gloria and Santhan!

Seasons greetings to you both! :)

I have an idea, for you to consider...

Might it be a good idea to have two sections of 'Latest Forum Topics' instead of just one!?!

There are so many wonderful translators now posting their remarkable gifts,
that all other forum headings disappear within a day, or even less sometimes!

Maybe we could have a 'Translators Latest Forum Postings' and an 'Everything Else' one!?!

Just a thought I share with you, for to use or not, as you so choose.

Lots of Love



This forum is really going a

This forum is really going a mile a minute! Not only that, there is great consciousness here.
Quality and quantity.

Beloved Heaven Admin will have some ideas, I have no doubt.

It's absolutely brilliant

It's absolutely brilliant Gloria!
That's why I don't want to miss any of it!



Dear Mary, I think we can do

Dear Mary,

I think we can do something about increasing the number of new forum topics or providing a link to "read more" new English forum topics. However the translations, we're trying to avoid because the forum is just a temporary place for posting of translations. We wish to move each of those translations into its own Heavenletter language specific site.

The main reason is that finding translated versions of content within an English language site is confusing to search engines. The search engines tend to rate content according to language and we wish for the translated Heavenletters to be easily found by people searching in their particular language.

One Love


Oh gosh ~ what wonderful

Oh gosh ~ what wonderful ideas you do have!
Heaven admin must take up a lot of your time Santhan!
I go with whatever you think is best for all concerned.
...and please know that all that you do, and all that you are, is dearly loved and appreciated.

Love Mary