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Cosmic Heavenletter Generator and title search

A Title You Are Truly Looking For and Cannot Find

On Dec. 9, 2007, Paula had written on the Forum about, among other things, finding different titles for the same Heavenletter, #1799

Gloria's title for this HL was "You Are Eternal Being", which is the title that appears everywhere else on the website. Yet Paula had said that the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator copy was entitled "What are you truly looking for?". Gloria later remarked (with humor) that the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator can't be wrong. So I asked Gloria if she wanted to change the title to match the Generator copy, and she responded by asking me to post this question here, and see what response I get.

Now suppose that Heavenletter came up for someone on the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator, and later that person wanted to read it again but all they could remember was the title, "What are you truly looking for?" Well, they know they can't search the Generator, so they enter the title in the search field on the website. And lo and behold! It says title not found. Because they only have the title to go by, what they are truly looking for they cannot find. Unknown to them, the reason they can't find it is because it is under a different title in the search database.

So now what? Can this be fixed by the wizard behind the curtain? And which title should we favor? Like Paula, my vote is for "What are you truly looking for?" because I would love to find it! (Does that make sense or what!) However, I'll do whatever the boss says.

Love and God-blessings to all,
Annette, the Archivist

Dear Annette, although I

Dear Annette,

although I like the ring of "What Are You Truly Looking for", I think that "You Are Eternal Being" is a better match to the content of this Heavenletter. My personal preference would be "The Elevator of Life" as in this paragraph:

.04. Each day you ride on the epitome of life. You are at the peak. The peak rises higher with you, but you don't need a dramatic take-off. You are riding in a smooth elevator. You do not need one that spurts up and tosses you from side to side. The elevator of life you ride doesn't have to be a soap opera heaped with drama and suspense.

All is well, Jochen

Jochen, sometimes there are

Jochen, sometimes there are many great titles for one Heavenletter! What is one to do!! The Elevator of Life is definitely appealing.

Annette, your conscientiousness and attention to detail are amazing. Nothing slips through your fingers. God knew what he was doing when He chose you.

In terms of the Cosmic Wow Generator, to my mind, it's the content of the Heavenletter that is important to the person who receives it. My general trend is to leave well-enough alone. I have never been a great fan of consistency!

I'm going to press the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator now and see what comes up!

So, Gloria, I guess you're

So, Gloria, I guess you're saying that it doesn't bother you that the title in the Generator is different from the one used for the same HL in the rest of the website. Am I correct?

If this is something you

If this is something you want to do, that's fine with me, of course. Thank you for your conscientiousness, Annette.

You have to know I don't understand any of these things. How did a different title get onto the Cosmic Generator? Is this the only time this happened? Does it correct itself the next time?

I would want the Cosmic Heavenletter to carry the original title. I have no idea how you do that!

Dear One, I was telling you what I thought! It wasn't meant as an instruction! How could I object to Heaven's Archivist doing something she really wants to do and knows how to do?!!

Rest assured, the COSMIC WOW

Rest assured, the COSMIC WOW GENERATOR does what it's meant to.

One Love

I just went for a spin! See

I just went for a spin! See what came up:

The bestest Heavenletter ever.

One Love


WONDERFUL HEAVENLETTER !!! Thanks for this reminder !


Oops, we should leave that

Oops, we should leave that one as it is, si, Senor?

Si Senora

Si Senora

Now that I know your views,

Now that I know your views, it's easy to agree with Santhan to just leave things as they are in this case. Santhan, you are wise. And Gloria, I was just trying to elicit a response from you on the subject. I am quite satisfied with that.