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A favorite Heavenletter to be translated into as many languages..

While editing Heaven News, this idea popped up...

It would be magic to have a Heavenletter translated into as many languages possible...that would be almost like a statement of the universal reach of Heavenletters...that they are for all people and all cultures. This one translated Heavenletter could be like a golden thread that unites all the languages and people...

Lets start finding that ONE Heavenletter. Post your suggestions/selections here and we will select from your suggestions the ONE Heavenletter to unite all languages and people!

What a marvelous idea! What

What a marvelous idea! What vast thinking!

These words of yours sound like Heavenletters -- "a golden thread that unites all the languages and people."

I wonder if we can choose three Heavenletters. Somehow that's easier than picking one! Choosing one seems to be an almost impossible task! And then you, Senor, from all the suggestions, you could make the decision!

I will come back with the exact numbers and titles, but one that I remember was written a few years ago. It was called Announce to Yourself.

Another one that comes to mind is the more recent one called Gaining the Boundless.

And although there are hundreds I could choose for a third choice, I came across this one which could suit: Heavenletter #1544 The Vast Universe January 26, 2005

May I change my mind? I think I found my all-time favorite. It's rather poetic and might not be everyone's choice. HEAVEN #1661 A Meeting of the Stars May 23, 2005. I am going to include it here:

God said:

It is like I had love to express, and I was laughing in joy. And then I, visual effects' manager that I am, created pictures of what My love might look like. There were roses of my love and ducks and elephants and rocks and seas, and there was you, the million faces of you. This was such a crescendo of love. And then another volley of laughter, and another turn of the wheel, and, as in a kaleidoscope, the images changed and appeared and disappeared and swirled together in a wonderful ecstasy of rose after rose and face after face from all angles. The roses spilled out in profusion. The contents of My heart spilled to the ground, and roses were first picked from Earth.

My laughter was so great that stars popped out, and the night sky was placed around them for padding. The sun burst forth and the modest moon vaulted around the Sun, and planets gave themselves names and made up stories that were true and made up at the same time.

What a choreographer I am. What a composer of music. What a sailor. What an acrobat. What a tumbler. What an artist. What a writer. The image I made of you was love. I sculpted you and tossed you onto the potter's wheel, and off you flew, landing on a remote part of Earth. You rubbed your eyes, and made a flag you staked into the ground and said it was yours. You claimed only a small portion as yours. You could have claimed all of Creation, from stem to stern, from star to star, from one flight of fancy to another. You claimed only where you landed rather than opening your arms to all.

Then you protested you were denied. You unlearned joy. You divested yourself of it. You chose denser things instead and wrapped them around your neck and dragged them with you for safe-keeping. You unlearned joy and learned possession. You unlearned joy and learned labor. You unlearned joy and made laws to preclude the remembrance of joy. You assigned yourself dominion over other beings and made them your property as well. You forgot that I had blessed animals to your care, and you thought they were cattle.

You forgot who you were too. You saw everyone as less too. You lowered your eyes. You couldn't look at the sun unless you wore goggles. You stole glances at the moon, but mostly hung lesser lights and remembered them. You forgot the light of love, and love became shady. Rain was convenient or inconvenient.

You forgot it was God's creation that you walked on. You kicked it. You forgot to love it. You dug in it and stole from it. You preferred candy. You forgot the sweetness of the love you had flown from. You had dreams of truth and called them folly.

You forgot to do handstands on the Earth. You plodded and plunged instead. You didn't listen to the song of the Earth. There was too much noise for you to hear. You chose noise over silence. Silence became odd. Noise became familiar. And your heart cried out for the song you had forgotten and yet still, you hoped, was being played in some far-off distant land. You went from theatre to theatre, looking for the music you longed for and that, you pleaded, existed somewhere. Even if you couldn't hear it, you wanted someone to hear it. You wanted it to be true somewhere.

You called a meeting of the stars, but instead you gave a lecture. You didn't let the stars speak. It was against the by-laws. You didn't let your heart vote. You pretended you could count, and all the while you mourned for a faintly, very faintly, remembered song that wanted to issue from your throat. You held it back, waiting for someone next to you to sing first. You forgot you were supposed to sing first. You thought you didn't know how to sing. You forgot it didn't matter how well you could carry a tune. You forgot it mattered only that you sing. Beloved, sing a note now. Let it come from your throat. Music from your throat, the song Mine.

One of my favourite

One of my favourite Heavenletters is Heaven #1553 Saints and Angels. It was published on February 4th, 2005, but it still keeps coming back to my mind.

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Yes, dear Paula, Heaven

Yes, dear Paula, Heaven #1553 Saints and Angels belongs right up there. Very beautiful. I wonder if I should post it here:

God said:

Angels and saints walk on Earth. They are not famous, or they may be famous but their angelness and saintliness is mostly unknown. They are not recognized for who they are. They simply keep going about their work for Me. They are so in love with My Being that they can only do My Will. To them, sweeping the street or being a movie star is the same. They know full well that I am their Audience, and their attention is on Me the same way that the Earth revolves around the Sun, effortlessly, ceaselessly, and endearingly. Their hearts are at My beck and call, and this is their happiness.

They do not ask for recognition or extra merit of any kind. I hold meaning for them, not plaudits of the world. There is nothing they can do about it. One minute, they were just like anyone else. Then, at some point in their lives, perhaps all of a sudden, their hearts jumped a beat. Their consciousness leaped a notch. It strikes them that this is just something that happened to them. They didn't do it. They were in one room, and then they found themselves in another room. As simple and as easy as that, they woke up.

They are like Cinderella, for they stepped out of the ashes, and the Prince from the Palace appeared before them, sought them out actually, and their lives took on a whole new light. Just like that. The love was mutual as Our love inevitably is.

They did not know they were saints or that they contained the possibility they could ever be. They were just like you and didn't know Who they were. You may not know. No one else may know. No one else needs to know. But I know.

So long as the physical is supreme, no one will know.

And you, right now, do not know your potential for stepping out of the boundaries of personal life and entering the dimension of radical Wholeness. I say radical, although it is not at all radical. It's just that it may seem so to you because it is such a turn in your life, and the radius of your perception takes a U-turn before your very eyes. You thought you were going one way, and now you find you are going another, even though it was always where you were going anyway.

You do not know what you were appointed when you came to Earth. You do not know what you contracted to do with a grace that equals Mine.

You did not drag your feet. You raced with alacrity to the exact place where you are now.

Listen, in whatever physical room you sit in, you exceed it. Whatever your physicality, you exceed it. Whatever your habits, you exceed them. Whatever your stresses, you exceed them. They may be appended to you, but they are not you, and they really have nothing to do with the wealth of consciousness that you are.

Beloveds, sometimes it is as if you keep your face immersed in water, and you think that's all there is. But all you have to do is to lift your face out of the water, and a new world appears before you. Your Prince has come.

Your life, perhaps outwardly the same, is not the same. Your consciousness has revolved. You thought you were in the blue room, and now you find you are in the Golden Room. You were always lighted, and yet you were in the dark. The cast of your life now is gold. The sunshine of your life is upon you. It is now.

Wonderful Idea !!!! I

Wonderful Idea !!!!

I would propose this Heavenletter here which I love really very very much, although all are beautifull and surely we will find one single Heavenletter to be translated:

Now We See the Ocean
Heavenletter # 2316 Published on: March 29, 2007
God Said:
Beautiful beautiful is the world I gave you. You are the Sleeping Beauty who has yet to awaken to the pulse of the universe and its indescribable beauty. It is yourself you are waiting to wake up to. Wake up now.

The poisoned apple has lost its potency. Sit up now and spit it out.

No longer is there any excuse for not loving the universe. It is a universe of life. No longer is there any excuse for not partaking in the beauty of life. Now you step over all the negative, for why would you, a Sleeping Beauty now awakened, walk through negativity? You wear a diamond-studded gown and a tiara of immense proportions. One of such beauty as you no longer dallies with the brambles and thorns or comments on them. You have too much beauty to attend to. No longer do you let even the slightest negativity scramble your thoughts.

You are a coherent High Being. You are a Queen or King of life. You are not a commoner. You are not ignorant. You carry great light. What has darkness to do with you? No matter how many others choose to roam in darkness, you do not. Now you stride in the light. Keep your eye on the sun. That is the only thing to do. You are one who moves forward. You do not go backward.

Hands and mouths may try to pull you into the lower worlds of darkness on Earth, but you wear silver slippers and are undaunted in your walk to Heaven. No longer do you listen to nonsense. You certainly don’t propagate it. You stay out of the quicksand, and so others will climb out by your example. Bend your ear to them, and you get pulled in.

You know where you are going, and you don’t dawdle. You have no time nor desire to ooh and ah over gossip and reports. Your mind and heart are too full of glory to let anything hold you back. You are destined for Greatness, and you are going toward it now. There is a wide avenue that leads you to your destiny. It is easy to stay on it. Follow, follow Me, and not be diverted.

Harpies on the side of the road may call to you. They will tell you all the unhappy tidings. They would instill their fear into you. You know better. Smile and wave, and be on your way. Some of the harpies will be in disguise -- you will not be fooled. You are hot-footing it to Heaven. Your path is smooth. You have passed this way before. It is not new to you. You will not get lost. I will not lose you. And you cannot lose Me. You are found, and I am found. We walk hand in hand.

Our way is paved with gold. Our light makes Our path golden. We are walking the high road. The low road is illusion anyway. Sooner or later, the low road leads to the road We are on, which is, after all, the only road there is, and, therefore, the only road worth walking.

There is no temptation like Heaven. There is no Voice like Mine. There is no hearing like Mine. There is no vision like Mine, and I give them all to you. Here, they are for you. Speak My Voice. Hear as I do hear. See as I do see. I am enriched, and you are enriched.

See now. There is a rounded hill before us. It is not even a climb. Now We see the Ocean. Now We walk on water.


Another great Heavenletter

Another great Heavenletter is one of the most recent ones, #2508 From the Heart of God, published on October 7th.


Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Dear all, I can not choose.

Dear all,

I can not choose. :Criying:

Besides my memory is not strong enough I think. Yet, I support your suggestions.

And maybe I can suggest my first translation: No:1841 The Light of Lights...

It was so touchy for me taht since that day I have not been able to breath without doing the translations.



Beloved Engin, it is

Beloved Engin, it is impossible to choose! How lovely that you remember the first Heavenletter you translated! And is it almost two years since you have been translating? How fast the time goes. This is indeed a powerful Heavenletter. It is amazing to me how I can read a Heavenletter, such as this one, and have no recollection of it. Anyway, I thought it would be good to post it here for all to read:

HEAVEN #1841 The Light of Lights November 19, 2005

God said:

Consciously see bright light entering your head. Move it toward you with your hands the way you might splash water on your face. Usher the light your way. Fill your head with bright streams of white light, or golden if you prefer.

From the crannies of your mind, this bright light will begin to fill the corpuscles of your body. This light will stream through you the same way it streams from Heaven. This light will circulate through you, and then it will visibly emanate from you. You will sense that your entire body is entirely surrounded by this same white light that streams through you and bursts through with joy. You might call this light aura. In any case, it is light. It radiates an inch now. An inch grows an inch and becomes two, and this gilded light begins to spread to the corners of the room you sit in. Then it passes the walls and embraces your yard. This light simply goes through boundaries. Boundaries are nothing to this light.

And now the light goes further until the whole globe of Earth is ensconced in white light. From the Earth the white knights of light capture the galaxies beyond, until you comprehend that there is nothing but light you breathe.

With the disappearance of boundaries, there is light. No longer will boundaries bind. You will break through them. You will break through them, not as police knock down a door, but as God’s light that enters as if there were no boundaries at all to break, which is the case.

Or consider boundaries like ribbons you break through as you win the race.

Or consider boundaries like clouds that float away.

Or do not consider boundaries at all. Boundaries are simply thoughts that have entered your head. And now My light disperses them.

I present My light to you, and I ask you to use it. Fill your heart with it, beloveds. Fill the cup of life. Let your life be lighted.

Rest assured in the light of God that you know as love. Nothing but love fills you. Nothing but love do you live in. Let love be the field of your life. Be a demonstrator of love in whichever form presents itself to you.

Consider life a parade. What float will you make? What float will you ride in? Will you ride for Me in a splendid raft?

There is light on Earth as there is in Heaven. From light you have come, and light you are, and to light you return. So what can all the fuss be about? All the fuss is merely a skirmish, a tiny skirmish on an imagined surface. Imagined or not, fill the surface with light as a reminder of the True Light that exists and is all that exists. There is merit in acknowledging your light. From your light, light is known.

You are not a sputter of light. You are light. You are light entire. Can you possibly think that a match I have lit could go out? Do you think there is anything that could possibly dim My light? No, My light outshines darkness. My light is the absence of darkness, and so is yours.

How did darkness creep in to life on Earth, you ask.

I answer: the same way it crept in, it will creep out. Light will not allow the presence of darkness. More light in, more light shining out. Turn all the lights on, and where can darkness hide? Darkness has no choice but to back out, and you have no choice but to let light in. There is no puzzle here. No grandiloquent thought is required. To let light in, you let it in. First you let it in to yourself. Let it in by acknowledging it. Confirm now that you are made of light, and lighted you shall be, and light you shall give for all the world to see.

I love you and aaaallllll

I love you and aaaallllll the Heavenletters very very much, Canim Gloria.... :wub:

Engin :big

Paula and beloveds All

Paula and beloveds All ...

Nice to see this one mentioned, as it has moved me deeply. There are so many that I hold dear, and knowing this 'search' is at hand, I'll spend some time looking back on the many letters I have read so far to see what else stands out. This one really moved me to an instant place of connection and strength, of Oneness that I so dearly needed. And for that I am grateful. I post it here in full -- #2508 From the Heart of God:

God said:

You are going for a sleigh ride, beloveds. Such a smooth road. So soft, so gentle, hardly making a sound. You will be, not Santa Claus, but the gift given. Now I give you to yourself. Now, you stand tall. Now, no more nonsense. Now, pure light. Now, you need no confirmation but your own. Assume your rightful status, beloved souls. Say now:

"I am God. I am God. I am God."

If you cannot say that, then say:

"I am the love and wisdom of God forever more. I am as God. I claim this. It has been given to me long ago, and now I claim it. Now I disclaim doubt from this day forward. I am my answer to all my questions. I am my soul's answer to myself. I have been bought, sealed, and delivered by God. I am opening the package of myself. What wonders to see, and what wonders to perform! I am a wonder, word after word, leaf after leaf. I am complete. I am in God, and God is in me. God and I are the Oneness of Oneness.

"I say goodbye to my little self. It wasn't much anyway. No longer do I pretend I need that scraggly little self, the one who frets and worries and resents one little thing after another. Now I am Soul Supreme. And now that I know that, now I leave the past behind once and for all, and now I enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I surround myself with it, and now I know Heaven has burst forth from my own heart. Now I know I gave birth to Heaven and Earth, and that all children on Earth are mine, as they are God's, for now my heart and my knowingness are all God's. God has desired this. He has made me as mighty as He and as humble as He. It is no big deal to be God.

"God trusts in me as I trust in Him. We are more than trustworthy. We are Truthworthy, and so shall it be. Every word I speak now is from the lips of God. Every thought I have is from the heart of God. Every thought I think is from the mind of God, for I am God in the flesh. I don't mind my body so much any more. I let it come along with me, like a dear pet I keep, giving it some attention, feeding it, loving it, and yet knowing that the physical is only appurtenance, a lively joy that comes along with me. In a sense, my body is my seeing-eye dog, and links me to the world at large. Body and soul, heart and soul, I am God's. God I AM, and I make no bones about it. I live in God's castle, and I eat God's food. The language I speak is God's. I am the beneficiary of God. I have awakened to the awareness that I am awake in God's love, and that is what I am, hook, line, and sinker. I am God's love. I proclaim it. I accept the seal of God. I am what I always was, and yet I am not what I was yesterday -- what I thought I was.

"I am a miracle God has wrought. I am of God's making. What would God want me be to be but the same as He is? God holds nothing back, and therefore, I, like God, from this day forward, know intense joy, joy uncomplicated, joy overflowing. I am God's dream come true. I am the centerpiece of God's table. This is how God wants it, and so shall it be."

And so shall it be.


.... Blessings to us All.


Thank you so much! Every

Thank you so much! Every time I read a Heavenletter, I read it with new eyes, and it always has an effect on me.

I don't know how Santhan is ever going to pick out the one Heavenletter to have translated into all the languages of the world. How many languages are there!

Byan, this is a category on this forum called Introduce Yourself -- something like that -- and will you find it and tell us more about you?

With love and blessings,


Dear Gloria An impossible

Dear Gloria

An impossible request you have made. ALL your HeavenLetters

I came accross I believe my first one sent by a friend who lives in Holland. It is dated 17/11/2006 and titled Awareness of God.

For me anytime the mention of the song of God or any mention of harmony of music of any kind, I just soar with these. I studied ACIM and my favourite passage is titled "The Forgotten Song" and only the other day I was delighted to have received a short video clip titled "The Forgotten Song" with words taken from ACIM - truly wonderful.

So I must be bold and choose from the many copies I have run-off, not had the strength to re-cycle all that paper yet!
My favourite then has to be "A Song of God No. 2460 Published on August 20, 2007. I forwarded it to many, many friends of the heart and I often do with many more.

In second place i would choose The Light No. 2346 dated April 28, 2007 and have to include Angels No. 2443, August 3, 2007. As I believe so fervently in Angels and I know my Guardian Angels name, which is Harmony. thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love, Light and Harmony
Kate xx


p.w. I wonder if you will ever bring out CD' for I find it so very much easier to listen than to read as I have an energy problem and it intensifies the pain. Hopefully one day I can then just listen and meditate to HeavenLetters. Blessings of the Angels |K xxxxx

Hi! Gloria, Thank you for

Hi! Gloria,

Thank you for printing my favourite HeavenLetters. I have only just taken time to delve into your site for the first time and I see that you do already have CD's and I am thrilled. I will take time when I have more energy to decide which one to choose as a Christmas present to myself!

Thank you for the holy work.

stremas of Joy!



Just one CD, blessed Kate.

Just one CD, blessed Kate. There is presently no choice to make! How many would you like to order!

So you are aural. I understand this style.

And it so happens I love to read out loud!

Maybe when I am settled in Argentina, we can start making more CD's.

With love and blessings,


It's great to have the

It's great to have the opportunity to translate Heavenletters :thumbup: . I've forwarded them to my friends, and family and sometimes translated them in Spanish for those who don't speak English. I have interpreter-translator studies so you can imagine how I love to do this :big . My favorite Heavenletter is "Fall in Love". I could feel God's true Love while I was reading it, and with so much love I translated it for my family & friends so they could feel that loving Energy. :wub: Please count me upon your helpers for this heavenly work!!! 8)

In Love & Light, :p


Dearest Lourdes, thanks for

Dearest Lourdes,

thanks for being a so sweet Heaventranslator !!!!! I too love the Heavenletter "Fall in Love", it's amazingly beautiful. Indeed when we read a Heavenletter and our heart and innermost feeling and emotions are totally in awe for the beauty of God's expressions, how can we not want to share this with all the rest of the world ?
Thanks for all you do and a big big hug to you


Dear Berit, Thank you so

Dear Berit,

Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I'm so excited, and eager to start :big . Please let me know the procedures to post translations. I've already done another: "How to Love Life"... lovely!

In Love & Light, :p


Dear Lourdes, You are a true

Dear Lourdes,

You are a true Heaven Lover!

You have all the qualifications! You subscribe to and read Heavenletters. You love them. Those are the two big requirements, and you pass with flying colors! And you have even had interpreter-translator studies. A bonus! We are so grateful to you for your generous offer.

Before I say more, where in Mexico do you live? There is a motor home trip planned to drive to Argentina. Four of us driving and living in the motor home plus a married couple who will drive along with us in their own Land Cruiser. Naturally, we will drive through your country. So please tell us more here on the forum about where you live and more about yourself!

Did you know that there is a Spanish Heavenletter web site? Can you find it? I'm embarrassed to say I don't know how to get there!

Lourdes, I am going to put you in touch with Santhan and Cecilia who presently oversee the Spanish translations.

I'm going to be answering below the dear lady from Finland who offered to translate Heavenletters into Finnish. She will be our very first translator in Finnish.

God bless you, dear Lourdes.

With love,


P.S. I almost forgot to say -- I believe you already posted a translation. Bravo! Thank you.

Dearest Gloria, Thank you so

Dearest Gloria,

Thank you so much for your kind words :blushing: . It is my pleasure to do this work of love for everybody, and bring some light and awareness to the world.

I live in Cancun, the beautiful & unique Mexican Caribbean 8) . I arrived to this wonderful place 14 years ago so I can say I'm already part of it, as if I've lived here all my life (I was born in Mexico city). All these years here have taught me so many things, as I was looking for the spiritual path to follow.

I'm a Reiki II and quantum touch practitioner. I consider myself a spiritual person, and a Lightworker. My intent is to bring light, comfort, advise, help, etc., to people. God always helps me and shows me His loving presence through His creation, and I'm so grateful. I was introduced to HeavenLetters throuh my soul sister in Canada...see what I mean when I mention God's manifestation? :wub:

What a wonderful trip you're planing! It would be great and I would be pleased to meet you personally, God's willing. :thumbup:

I look forward to be contacted by Santhan and Cecilia. Thank you again for this opportunity. God Bless you, too. :Rolleyes:

In Light & Love,


translations : D I would

translations : D

I would love to translate some heavenletters into finnish.

I´ll be waiting for further information.


Sara Sofia K

Beloved Sara Sofia, It would

Beloved Sara Sofia,

It would be wonderful to have you translate Heavenletters into Finnish! Thank you so much for your kind offer!

First, naturally, you have to be subscribing to Heavenletters.

Since you will be the very first Finnish translator, you would simply choose the Heavenletters your heart wants to translate. For all translators, you translate as often as you desire and fits into your schedule. It is important that you do not feel pressured. Just grow into it, dear, as it is comfortable for you. Go by your heart. Some translators translate every day, but they grew into it. Some translate once a week etc.

The Heaven Tech angels will set up a section on this Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum where you can post your translations.

I will privately send you an email address where you would also send your translations. Once you're actively translating, Finnish will be added to the subscription list so subscribers can sign up for your translations.

Will you also be able to help us find subscribers in Finland?

Once only, will you also translate the beginning section of Heavenletters, that which appears above the actual Heavenletter? And once only, the same for the bottom template section that comes with every Heavenletter. Note that the name Heavenletters™ stays Heavenletters™.

Then when you email your translations from then on, you would include the number, title, date and then the translated Heavenletter. At the end, you are invited to include in Finnish: Translated by Sara Sofia K------. (your full last name, or, however you like.)

Just this morning, I noticed something on this forum about translators directly posting their translations. It's possible that the directions I'm giving you are out of date! It will be very exciting if each translator can actually send out the Heavenletter themselves to the subscribers in their countries.

Meanwhile, I will ask beloved Berit to "show you the ropes." She will be a great asset to you.

Berit lives in Italy and is originally from Germany. Paula, who translates into Italian, is from Finland! She is away this week, but later I am sure the two of you will also want to get together.

Well, I hope I haven't given you too much information!

Please feel free to ask your questions on this forum, dear angel.

With love and blessings,


Dearest Sara Sofia, A MOST

Dearest Sara Sofia,

A MOST HEARTFELT WELCOME !!!! it's wonderful to have a translator for finnish Heavenletters, this Heavenfamily is really spreading wider and wider, I'm so glad !!

This here is my private mail:

bdelaini (at) fastwebnet (dot) it (to avoid spam)

If you send me a short mail I will be too glad to give you a few instructions to post your translations.

A big big hug to you dear !!!

Love and blessings and thank for joining

We've improved on this idea

We've improved on this idea a little...

Lets make a list of Heavenletters that we find especially close to us and then start translating from the top of this list. Here is another forum topic opened up for this where we just paste a list of our most dear Heavenletters. You can make as long a list as you want and the Heavenletter that appears most amongst your lists will appear at the top of the Heavenletter Translation list.

Visit this post to paste your list

Most beloved WunLuv, There

Most beloved WunLuv,

There are profound reasons for doing it the way you suggest.

I didn’t think it through before, Querido. I loved the idea.

When it comes down to it, I have doubt.

If I were a translator translating from the goodness of my heart, I would want to choose the Heavenletters I translate. My heart would be less happy if I had to follow a list. That would take away the joy for me. I wouldn’t want it to feel that way, but I would lose my heart to translate. I know I never like to follow a list someone has given me.

I think we have to let translators be free.

The practice has been that translators choose freely. I learned in teaching: Never take away something that has already been given.

What do you feel?

With love and blessings,


P.S. To have one Heavenletter that everyone would translate – that’s different. It’s one, and it’s for a special project.

One Heavenletter feels more

One Heavenletter feels more effective. A list could get complicated. Ok, lets go with one Heavenletter. We still want you to post your most favorite Heavenletters here so that we eventually get one most popular Heavenletter.

Once again please post your selection here:

This is a wonderful idea,

This is a wonderful idea, but I cannot possibly choose a favorite. However, #2373, Beautiful, 25 May 2007 is one that I've saved and forwarded to myself at work. I love this one because it reminds me to be happy every day. It also speaks of children - I am a teacher and reminding myself of this, "Children come in many sizes and shapes. Some are easier for you to love than others. Still, you are aware of the value and necessity to love all children. You know it is a great thing to have children. You know that each has a purpose in this world. Sometimes you are disappointed, and sometimes your children astonish you with their brilliance, and so, love your days the same. The days are the children of your heart" is such a marvelous affirmation for every one who works with children. I see it every day of my career.
I've been teaching since 1980 and still love my job! I currently work with 7th graders - 92 of them - and I SO enjoy the unique qualitites of each child. A few years ago, if I had read that statement, I would have thought it was "sappy." It's not; it is the truth for me. :-)

So you are a teacher!

So you are a teacher! Children need teachers like you. Where do you teach? What subject?

I used to teach, too, also 7th graders and 8th and 9th and college!

Do you ever go to the Godwriting blog?

Here are two fairly recent entries on Education:

There are also more. You can find them in Education under Topics on the right margin, you will see Education. Will you add that beautiful quotation on one of these postings? The comments on the blog are outstanding, and the quotes from this Heavenletter belong there and anything else you'd like to say!

With love and blessings,

This is a wonderfull idea, I

This is a wonderfull idea, I don't make suggestion about the Heavenletter ro be translated buI think it could be one of the ancients, Saints and Angels sounds good. But I will translate the one you tell me.

Santhan, it looks like you

Santhan, it looks like you are going to have to choose one Heavenletter for everyone to translate! How you do that, I don't know! But I know you will.

Yuri and all the translators are waiting!

Yes, exactly! How to choose.

Yes, exactly! How to choose. Its not possible. So I'm going to get one to choose itself. I'm asking Mariano to write up some code that will randomly display a Heavenletter and see what comes up...

Maybe it will be an interesting feature to have on the website! A randomly generated Heavenletter...something like...Click here to see which Heavenletter the universe sends to you now...

One Love

Yes, that would be an

Yes, that would be an interesting feature. Spinning the wheel, so to speak, and seeing what you get! Of course, we could only win no matter what.

On the other hand, slap me! I have more confidence in your choosing THE ONE Heavenletter than a Heavenletter randomly generated.

Would random really be the Universe choosing? In that case...

Heavenletters from the

Heavenletters from the universe

Would you like to use technology and Universal flow to select a Heavenletter for you that is meant for this moment? Well the following link and lets see what you get!

Show me God's Loveletter for the Now

The Night Sky Opens to

The Night Sky Opens to Stars, #2258, is what I got. I love it. I love this idea.

Do you mean we will get a different Heavenletter every time! This is like Christmas, or maybe I Ching!

Thank you, Heaven Admin, for all your ideas and caring and giving so much to us.

I think this is a wonderful

I think this is a wonderful idea!!!

Show me God's Loveletter for the Now

Is it possible to put it as a permanent link in the list of places to go down the right hand side of the pages, so that anyone can click on it whenever they choose?

I've just e-mailed the link to myself, so that I can click on it whenever I want to too!

Well done tech angels!



Hi Mary, the permanent link

Hi Mary, the permanent link has been placed on the top right under "Heavenletters". Its called the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator.

Yes ~ I already found it and

Yes ~ I already found it and tried it out, before I saw this note,
and it's wonderful ~ well done, and thank you tech angels. You are so very talented!

I'm sure that it will be a very popular feature!

Is it ok to put the link on my 'Little Piece of Heaven' pages in my site, so that folks could click on it they wished?

Lots of Love and many Blessings to 'One' and all ~



We want as many people as

We want as many people as possible to read Heavenletters as we can reach. We thank you for including the link on your special Little Piece of Heaven. You don't have to ask, Mary Josephine. It's okay to do what you like with Heavenletters. You have already proved yourself frontwards and backwards. :)

Wuppeee!!! Watch this space


Watch this space then...


M :)

Can't find a 'Smiley' for jumping up and down and doing backward & forward summersalts,
so you'll just have to imagine it!


Hello again tech

Hello again tech angels!

I've just had a comical exprience that I wanted to share...

I clicked for a Cosmic HL and got a Spannish one, so I have no idea what it said,
but it made me smile just the same! :)

Mary :)

Woops! Mariano will fix that

Woops! Mariano will fix that on Monday.

One Love

Good Idea Heaven Amin, I

Good Idea Heaven Amin, I like it too!!!

Like any oracle it could be used when somone has a question or needs clarification or encouragement, or............just for the enjoyment of a Loveletter from God.

Mary has a good suggestion: a link on the side panel.


A wonderful idea, I love it

A wonderful idea, I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and big big hugs !

This is truly a wonderful

This is truly a wonderful idea! I got Heaven #1963, which made my heart smile.

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Friends, Here is the (first)


Here is the (first) Heavenletter selected for translation into every language:

One Love

And when we have done the

And when we have done the translation, where should we post it (other than the normal place on the forum, of course)??

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Paula, that would be best

Paula, that would be best for now. We'll also receive a copy via email to the translators email account.


Dear Heaven Admin person.

Dear Heaven Admin person. Great choice! and thank you so much for doing all you do...and of course for all you are which is love! Jim(i)

The Heaven Admin person is

The Heaven Admin person is also known as Mojah Media, Santhan, One, Wun Love and maybe some other names I am forgetting at this moment. Why, he has more names than you, Jim/Jimi!

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