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Working and translating

This days is difficult for me to translate because I'm every day at the shop and there are lots of people buying our joy's wine (wich is good) and I don't have any moment to translate (wich is bad) but you see I've found a moment before going to sleep, and here you have one of the most special heavens I translated in the last days, Be a dreamer, nice....

With love

All gratitude goes to God,

All gratitude goes to God, Yuri, yet it would be difficult not to thank you for all you do in service to God.

With love and blessings,


Dearest Yuri, I understand

Dearest Yuri,
I understand very well what you are talking about, I work all day and have a house and two sons to see to, and time is always short. I think you are wonderful and you are doing wonderful things for the Heavensite. God knows your pure heart and intentions ! You are a wonderful soul, thanks for everything you do !!!
Love and big hugs