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Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey

God Said:

Scott, what if you could see the end from the beginning…would your life on earth be changed or different? Yes, it would. You would be able to see clearly your destiny and it would give you a sense of peace and rest. All of life’s events that would “rock” your world would all of a sudden be quiet and peaceful…Why…because you could see as I see. You would see as if from a “birds” eye vantage point.

This would seemingly be a great advantage to ones life and how they conduct it. But, that is not what happens Scott. And Scott, you knew this coming here that all would be fine in the end. That all your fears that you encountered on this earth were merely illusions and creations of the ego…the mind that is at war with God.

You came here without a road map so to speak. This adventure of earth was something so exciting to you and the rest of mankind that you could hardly wait. Why, because at that point in time, as you would say, you knew it. You saw the big picture and it excited you and titillated your sweet spirit. As a child in complete innocence you came to experience this thing called living and earth. You knew when you would get here that all your divine faculties of remembrance would be erased from your memories. Even your past existences were erased so as to not skew your new experience.

Before you arrived you had many meetings with your spiritual guides, your soul family, or. Soul group, and with this divine strategy in mind and knowing that I was all for your plan, you were sent to earth. When you arrived your spirit, which is the eternal connection to me, was totally intact, it was just your memory that was erased. You knew that this had to take place because this would be divine order for you. You were completely Okay with this my child.

I know right now you are saying to yourself, “Why would I want this life that I chose”?
Why would I choose these parents, or these friends, or these lovers, or these acquaintances, or experiences”? You forgot everything for this was the divine plan. Before you arrived to planet earth you said you wanted to experience more of life and how you could bring me into the human existence. You did this by saying to yourself and imagining yourself as I am now. You saw and pictured yourself as unconditional love and so all the experiences in life would direct you to this unconditional love that you wanted. They came as a shock to you, because you had forgotten my sweet child, as these experiences, arrived to you as anything less than unconditional love.

These experiences to produce this remembrance of who you are were, arrived in the form of pain, suffering, injustice, and all that showed up as the opposite of love, and what you really wanted…or so…you thought. Some of the relationships you experienced were less than what you thought or imagined, at least these challenges that “showed” up for you seemed the very opposite of this un-conditional love that you so desired. Some of you wanted to experience divine compassion. You wanted the compassion of God. You saw it in the heavenlies demonstrated very well and you wanted it. You said to yourself, and to me, I want this God. And, I concurred with you and said, “You will indeed have it my sweet and precious child”. You came to earth expecting all your experiences in life to point you to this quality of the divine. It came to you as a shock, when all your earthly experiences seemed to be the opposite of what you thought you wanted. These experiences showed up again as pain and suffering to you. Even abuse, and what you thought was gross injustice to you or a family member, and it infuriated you. You wanted to get even with these “evil” ones, these of the devil, those contrary to God, and those that were in opposition to the divine, as you judged them. But, my sweet child, how could you experience me as completely loving and compassionate unless you were demonstrated the opposite scenario?

You begin to question me and later yourselves by saying things like, “What was I thinking when I asked God for more of its divine treasures”? “Was I absolutely out of my mind when I said I wanted this”? Yes, you were. You were out of the ego-mind, and into the divine mind. Many of you looked at having fabulous and opulent wealth and passed it by as if it were nothing compared to having my divine attributes demonstrated in your earthly lives. You actually “thumbed” your noses at them, so to speak. You said no, I want this one God. Just like a child would say to her daddy in the candy shop. You looked at all you wanted to experience of me, you took your sweet time, and you said I want this daddy; I want this, Father-Mother God.

And I said back to you my sweet child, “And so it is”. “This is what you shall have and shall experience”. “You will not remember it my sweet child and this will be your biggest challenge…TO REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU REALLY WANTED”. You looked at me with your innocent eyes and said, “That’s Okay daddy, I will remember you”. “How could I forget this great partnership and love that we enjoy?”
You said, “I will go to this earth and recreate it into your image. I will bring your love and compassion to mankind”. I sent you my blessings and gave you some gifts to help you remember who you are. I gave you angelic beings, spiritual guides and counselors, my creation, in the form of animal and plant life, and one of your greatest teachers, the gift of relationships and lovers.

I did not leave you as orphans you just forgot everything that I did give you. You knew that through all these seemingly negative experiences that your eyes would some day be opened to the truth of you and me again. Faith had to be something you learned through all these experiences of life and living. Trust, you found is the key to all. Surrender, you would find would became your best friend. Surrendering all of your ways to God would be the way to this grace. Coming to the realization and knowledge of who you are, and who I am. When you awoke from your dream that most of what you saw on this earth was only an illusion and a divine school to teach you about yourself and me, then the light switch came on…you RE-MEMBERED.

You soon realized though that even though you were remembering us, that life was still tough and there were still challenges to meet. These, challenges, were only what your soul desired and decreed before you arrived here. You went inside yourselves, remembering that my kingdom was here, and you realized there was a whole new world to explore and experience. You, of course, already experienced this world before when we were in heaven together; you are just now RE-MEMBERING. You decided to go within and seek me and our relationship was RE-VITALIZED AND RE-COGNIZED. What a wonderful day in the heavenlies this was my beloved when you finally RE-MEMBERED WHO YOU WERE AND ARE! The bells of heaven and the heavenly hosts were singing and clapping and were filled with unbelievable awe of such a one as you who was, and was coming into this, REAL-I-ZATION. The REAL YOU was now made known to yourself. I already knew who you were and are. You did not until you awoke. When you awoke from the dream of what you thought was reality, became an awesome day for heaven. Your guides, your transitioned friends, lovers, family members, and soul group were ecstatic. Even those who did not cognize the fact that you awoke knew about it on a deeper subconscious level. Even they, although un-aware consciously, were inwardly happy.

So, now that you have awakened from your slumber and sleep what are you to do now? How about enjoying the rest of your stay on earth? How about just enjoying this majestic journey instead of focusing on the outcome or the overall objective? How about just relaxing into who you are and loving all of my creation as I have loved you? Do you have a mission? Yes, but your real mission is just beaming. What are you to beam? My love my beloved child, just my love. I require nothing of you. The earthly journey is really all about you. This is what you wanted. I conceded and said, “Yes”. And then I said, “I will always love you no matter what you do, even if you act unlike me, even if you never awaken from the dream, I will always love you and be there for you”. I will offer you as many chances to experience this earth as many times as it serves your purposes”.

Enjoy the journey, my child, enjoy the journey.



Submitted by: D. Scott Arant

I can only repeat what I

I can only repeat what I already said:

you are a heavenly angel showering heavenly blessings on all of us dear Scott !

I am learning and recognizing certain patterns in my life, I am learning to feel and get at the "contract" I made on a soul level with certain persons or situations. It helped me to get away from feelings of guilt. On the other hand, I have difficulties at understanding the "contract" I made with one of my sons. He's ever since engaged in a crash test with me. When I asked his soul why he says or does what he does the answer blew me out of the room: "You asked me to do that, you wanted it that way." I am still learning and working on that, I think it has very much to do with surrender, forgiveness, unconditional love and all I suppose I wanted to express here on earth.

You are a wonderful Godwriter - thanks for coming !


Sweet Berit, Wow, you are

Sweet Berit,

Wow, you are blowing me away by your depth of wanting to know on a soul level that contract between one of your sons.
What he told you was the truth. Interesting thought how it never looks to us on the surface level that we did this to ourselves.
We wanted to know so much of the divine within us we were willing to sacrifice certain loves and conforts. Can you see the power of everyone in your life. There is no person that you ever have met or ever will meet, or who has touched your life on some level, that will not have some significance in your life.

When you meet your soul group you will have a quickening of your inner being. You will have a connection with them somehow.
Smile when this happens, make a mental note that this person is in your life for a divine reason.

Now that you know from this deep inner knowing which your conscious mind is oblivious to, you can now rest in Source knowing all is well. It is all under divine direction and inspiration. Bless your son and be conscious of the fact that you and he have a very deep contract to help each other.

Blessings and Love,