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Dear all,
all beloveds,

what is the exact meaning of "drift off" in the letter no 2643. Dictionary says, it means to fall asleep. Is it so in the sentence below?

"Don’t for one minute think that I don’t ever want you to drift off. I don’t mind at all. I mention this because there are details in life that have to be taken care of, and you have to take care of them. "

love you all

Dear Engin, To drift, as in

Dear Engin,

To drift, as in driftwood, ist to be carried by some current, for instance of water or air. In your quotation it means moving passively or aimlessly or involuntarily; it could be into sleep, but not necessarily. The exact meaning seems to be in what God expresses three lines further down: "Absolutely, take those moments of reverie and let your heart and mind go where they will."

Does that give a clearer picture?

Have a wonderful day, and thank you once again for the great work you are doing!

Beloved Jochen, thank you

Beloved Jochen,

thank you for your great help and care :thumbup:

Engin :wub:

Engin, I commend you for

Engin, I commend you for asking questions and you, Jochen, for answering them!

Yes, it's like when your attention wanders. You don't even know that it has, until something "wakes" you up again. It's your mind that drifts off.

Canım Gloria, thank you

Canım Gloria,
thank you very much..
love you