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Dear all and Canim Canim Gloria,

like all the others, the letter no:2645 is wonderful again, gergeous. It has trilled my heart and soul.

Thank you Canim Gloria, :wub:

On the other hand, I feel some kind of a difficulty to translate the word "lovedness".
Actually I have already translated the whole letter and it sounds beautifully, I've really loved the the way it sounds. I interpreted "lovedness" as a "very very strong love", it is "AŞK" in Sufi philosophy...

Yet I do not want to omit any other interpretation.

What do you think?

love you all

Canim Engin, certainly this

Canim Engin,

certainly this is about a "very very strong love", yet it seems to me that it is looked at from the receiving end here.

Since "lovedness" is not an entry in even the larger dictionaries, I would interpret it as meaning "the state or fact of being loved" (although "state" and "fact" sound awfully static). When ego has dropped off, we are finally able to give love, God's love, unconditionally and indiscriminately, and it will be received everywhere, with or without awareness of it. Everyone and everything will have, and perhaps know, this being loved, or lovedness.

Oh, I'm really not sure whether I'm making sense. Perhaps my words can at least serve as some sort of stimulus.


Beloved Jochen, thank you

Beloved Jochen,

thank you very much. You are just right. You make sense, indeed. :wub:


"the state or fact of beeing loved" sounds a bit weird in Turkish. :Criying:

I had already tried out this version. I know this is what is really meant, I will try out once more.

sending you lots of "lovedness"

It sure does, lovely Engin,

It sure does, lovely Engin, as definitions tend to do. Even in English -- or German, for that matter. Are there no stick-on endings in Turkish, like -ness in English or -heit in German?

Be in lovedness always,

Dear Engin, I agree with

Dear Engin,
I agree with Jochen's interpretation. Maybe we could say that we are giving people the 'sense of being loved', or we make them feel loved.

With lovedness,

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Canım Paula and

Canım Paula and Jochen,

very dear language magicians..

thank you dear beloveds...

love you all :wub:


It is beautiful how the

It is beautiful how the forum is running itself.

I believe it would be called self-sufficiency yet that isn't quite right. Great self-realization, it seems to me.

God bless you all.