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Do you know someone worthy of gratitude?

Found this article in our 'daily' newspaper "The Province" and found it refreshing to find something positive amongst the less appealing news. (This link will take you to 'tinyURL' and from there you can click on the longer URL to read the article)

It is an invitation to readers to send in letters of thanks and a chance to say why someone had made a difference in your life.

They do this every time around Christmas time. Of course, gratitude doesn't need to be restricted to Christmas or Thanksgiving, it can be expressed any day, any time, in any way.

Thanks to you all,

This is a beautiful idea. I

This is a beautiful idea. I would also like to suggest that, if you do it, also please post your letter of thanks here too. It feels so good to write down our own thankfulness and to read what other people write as well. Thanks for the suggestion, Xenia!