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Digital Pen

Hey Gloria,

I just seen a commercial for a new digital pen. It actually records every stroke you make on paper and then converts the data to text on the PC. I’m not sure if you write down HL’s on paper then type them into the PC later, or type straight into a PC but if you write them first this could be an incredible time saver. I don’t know if this is the one from the commercial but here’s an example of what I’m talking about…


This looks great, thank you

This looks great, thank you for sharing... :thumbup:


the idea as well


Kirt, years ago I did write

Kirt, years ago I did write down Heavenletters by hand. And it took so long to retype.

Back in those days, I even tried one of those sound programs where I could read aloud and the program would type what I dictated. Only it didn't work very well.

Finally a dear friend finally MADE me wean my self to the computer.

What a lovely thing this digital pen would be. It would be great at a Godwriting workshop. Gosh, I would love to hand digital pens out to everyone at a workshop!

As you can guess, until the price comes down...

I am amazed at all the new things there are. Once upon a time, we wrote with sticks in sand, or with a stone on cave walls.

I had never heard of a digital pen until you told me about it.

By the way, have you tried it

Thanks a bunch for introducing us to this, Kirt!

It's really wonderful what

It's really wonderful what progress does !! Thanks for this posting dear Kirt !!!