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Peace Club '007

'There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way'

Peace Club in Sneha School

Friday, Novemeber 09, 2007

On the day of 8th November 2007 we (YSP members) went to Sneha Bording School , Sinamangal. On our journey of forming Peace Club, we did achieve one more goal. People in Sneha School were so kind and friendly. Children did learn a lot of things from our guru Dr. Chintamani Yogi who spoke about the Culture of Peace. The students were so pleasing and so were the teachers. We introduced them Peace Club and its functions. We also explained the value of Peace in our day to day life. We sang some soul uplifting songs and played some friendly games with the students. Unbelievable! The students there were so talented that they grabbed everything we said and were willing to work for the Peace Club.

We would like to thank Katie miss (Live Nepal, Volunteer), who introduced us this wonderful school. Thanks to Sue miss and Matthew also who accompanied us. And special thanks to Narayan Das sir, and Shyam Sundar sir and all other teachers who were so helpful and positive of the idea of promoting peace though the school's children

Jagannath Kandel and I myself, Samrat Nath Yogi are very thankful to all the people who helped us to from this ‘Peace Club', and we are very much sure that we will be forming many Peace Clubs which will help to spread the message of Culture of Peace and Non-Violence in days to come

Reported by
Samrat Nath Yogi