Divine Power Is Already Yours

God said:

What circumstances exactly are you waiting for before your Debut into Full Service to your Higher Self? The Spectacular Pre-Event you wait for, what is it? Thunder and Lightning? Night turning into Day? The Sky's Opening to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven? A promissory note? The Clanging of Bells? A Change in the Ocean Tides? The Stars' Waving to you? A Loud Voice of God Speaking in a Loud Deep Voice as if from a radio broadcast?
Do you fear being caught in an earthquake of great proportions? Or falling into a pit? Or simply not recognizing yourself? Or as if you are out of the equation? That you are simply gone you know not where, as if you have left your Individual Self behind?
When the time comes, your individuality comes with you. Somehow you got into a palace, and somehow it is taken as an ordinary thing for you to be there. It could be you do belong. It could be there is a Star Code on your back, and you are already in the House of God, accepted here, at Home here, belonging here as if you had never been anywhere else, which is, in fact, so.
You have always been right with Me. You saw the playground and tumult and didn't see Me right before you. Now you see Me. Now you shake My Hand, as it were, when, of course, Our Engagement is much more subtle. There is a sense of nothing being different except you are surrounded in solid gold instead of gold-plate. There is a glow. Your eyes have to get used to it.
You expect something phenomenal. The thing is that you have always been wrapped up in the phenomenal. Now you are wrapped up in the Divine. You are in the Light, you produce Light, and you notice that you are Light. Yes, even you are Light, and you can dance on the stars and spin the Earth and welcome the Light every day of the year. You feel awkward at being in a Holy Place.
What makes it Holy?
Love does. Love is Divine, and you are Love. There is no escaping this now. You are a Divine Power Alit by Inner Light. You are a Great Discovery. You discover your Self.
You don't know how this happened, for I work in wondrous ways. And so have you. So have you.
In a sense, you are flabbergasted. In another sense, you knew this all along. All your wandering was Let's Pretend. Now you live your Truth, and it is Home. It was always Home all along. You never were anywhere else.
The physical is not the emphasis it once was. Light is the emphasis. Awareness is the emphasis. Love is the emphasis. The Godly is the emphasis. Truth is known, and you are the Knower. You have come out of hiding. This makes all the difference in the world, and all the difference to the world. The World of Man has been a façade.
The World of God has been with you right along. A disguise has been removed, peeled off as it were, visible now, and the World of God is populated with angels. You are the angels, and hark how you sing such sweet melody of the Mountain Peaks.
What is eyesight worth? What is the music of the spheres worth? What is the worth of this golden opportunity you are given and now accept?
You sing a new song. You vibrate to a new reverberation. Ah, this is Life as it is meant to be lived. This is no charade. Your past experience was the charade.
You bailed out of the past. Now you choose the Present, and you see the Present throughout all Eternity. You jumped into Vastness. Suddenly you saw Infinity and Omnipresence and all the world vibrated wonderfulness, and it was revealed to you that you are Oneness and you ever were. Beloveds, I kiss the ground you walk on. The footsteps are Mine.

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Each Heaven Letter is an awesome Liberation for My Soul Light. I am grateful to Open My Heart and let the Sun Shine In. No longer tied to what has gone before and choosing to See through a Lens of Love and Kindness. Thank you.