Surrender to Your Own Will

God said:

In a moment before dawn, you cried out to Me alone in the seeming wilderness: "God, show me, please, the way to go right to the core of Your Heart."
Dear Ones, you have yet a small resistance to surrender to your own will.
You want to attend a stag party just before your Wedding of a Lifetime. You want a little night off on the town, a futile resistance to the Enlightenment you were destined for. It’s like you joined the army, and you deign to go out on the town dressed in your own clothes for one last time. One little rebellion left as if against robes, and then, off you go.
Your commitment has always been to Me. Now, you want one last tumultuous fling, a little sputter you call freedom that signifies nothing at all. You can't go back to what never was. Now We wait only for your acknowledgement. You put off your acknowledgement of your acceptance.

Nevertheless, you are committed to Life with Me even if it may appear to be in the trenches. Come what may, you have always been with Me and not against your will.
Deny the Undeniable all you want, yet you will never succeed in convincing yourself. You may strain against the Inevitable. The inevitable is your True Heart and Alliance with Me. You agreed to follow Me a long time ago. To follow Me is the same as to say as to follow your Own Heart in preference to all the detours.
Your game is up. No longer can you turn Your Freedom away. You cannot defer from your total Alliance and Realignment with your God Self. You may try to turn away from this that you cannot resist.
What a kidder of yourself you have been. One last tango, you say as if individuality beats being King.
You have a Grand Ball to attend. You hesitate or pretend to hesitate. You may hang around on the couch and watch a TV serial instead and get caught up in and forget the Truth about your Self, as if you prefer a lark to substance, as if you prefer paste jewels to the real thing, as if you prefer a night on the town to True Significance, as if you really could.
We have a Deep Connection, you and I, and, whatever you may say, your homage has been to Truth all along. We are talking about the Great Delight of Your Heart to which nothing else compares.
The Night before your Wedding, and you play around with the idea of going adrift on the Sea, as if running away from Our Union could somehow lather you in happiness. Perhaps you are caught in a reverie of adriftness.
Fight all you may, you are on your way. The Truth of you and the Truth of Me are set before you. Together We abscond from deception. Hang on to your hat. We are going to fly high. Accept this exultancy you are drawn to by all the Might of Heaven.
Stand up. You are flying to your True Self. You click with your True Self. I am that which you have been looking for all your Life and what you have tried against your own Will to recognize. You digress. You wait to claim the True Course of Love and go off on another escapade. You cannot quite see yourself capable of going to the Grand Ball. You use every trick in the book to get out of signing up for what your Heart and Soul crave and which are, surely but slowly, pulling you to your Grand Entrance to the Grand Dance.
Your false front wears away. Now choose what you really and truly desire. Hesitancy has been your partner long enough. Now, come with Me. There is such a short step for Us to take. Now, come with Me as We step off into Truth.

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What a beautiful

What a beautiful announcement that I/we have all bin waiting for.
"Your game is up.
No longer can you turn Your Freedom away.
You cannot defer from your total Alliance and Realignment with your God Self."

Much Love to all of my family.


It means a lot to hear from

It means a lot to hear from you again, dear Marija!

Dear Gloria, Even though I

Dear Gloria,

Even though I do not write I am with you all every day.
I am to preoccupied with my not so good English,
and so I do not write so often.
At this moment of Now I like to thank you for all you do for me and for All.
Your work of love is appresiated with all my heart.
Love and blessings to you and to all my human family.

Dear dear Marija, I love to

Dear dear Marija, I love to hear from you, sweetheart! Besides, your English is good! Thank you for your sweet answer. You are dear to me. Love, Gloria

I just noticed on the left column what must have been your first response to Heavenletters. So beautiful! Grateful to you!

"The Letters from God have helped me to come closer to God. God was always soooo far away, so far that I could not reach Him. But, now, he is everywhere and can be reached from every place. My Joy is endless. Gloria, I would also like to thank your mother and father for bringing you into the world so you can write Heavenletters and so we can connect with the beautiful Love of God that warms our hearts and souls make us cry and rejoice."

Marija McAllister, Croatia

Oh Gloria, It is so easy to

Oh Gloria,
It is so easy to love you.
Have a nice and blessed day.

And easy to love you, dear

And easy to love you, dear Marija. ,

Stop reading my mind, God

Stop reading my mind, God *laughing*

No choice -- I'm thinking,

No choice -- I'm thinking, dear dear Without!

It's unfair though, Gloria!

It's unfair though, Gloria! Why can God read my mind when I don't even understand my mind -- not before he worded it in this Heavenletter?

HA-HA, dear Without, You are

HA-HA, dear Without, You are actually With!

God does indeed have an advantage, so it seems.

Loving you...